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In clinic I see a variety of people from all different walks of life, but no matter who the client, or their life circumstance there always seems to be a general theme that underpins the healing work that I do.  These theme often relate to what I am doing and sometimes not.  Sometimes they relate back to some healing work that I did on myself months or years ago.  These themes sometimes last for a day, sometimes a week and sometimes longer.  So from my point of view it’s a good barometer of what is happening with the unconscious collective.

The current theme I feel is an opportunity for all of us to review were we are at on that particular issue, how does it relate to you personally, how can you use the collective impoteous to further your own spiritual growth.  One of the things that you will find in this blog are current energy flows which offer an opportunity for personal healing.

These energy impulses that present an opportunity for healing and growth do not come from any individual, they are a collective impulse.  It’s up to us to catch the wave and use it were possible.  These energy waves are also good impoteous to continual journey when sometimes we may feel that there is not much happening personally at the moment.  Sometimes our own healing must wait until the collective is ready.  There are those of us who prepare the way for those to come, the majority follow in the slip stream.

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