What’s in store for 2009

The Aura-soma numerology of 2009 is very indicative of what I think we have in store for the coming year.  In the Aura-Soma system 20 is blue over pink the “Star Child”. 


bottle 20Bottle 20 encourages us to heal our inner child, allow our inner child to grow to maturity and balance the male and female within.  Once each of us heals our inner selves we will be able to feel the unconditional love and acceptance that we all crave.  This of course will also mean that we will be able to communicate this to others.  In many ways this is feminine principle in action.  It is often our lack of love and self-acceptance that is at the root of our desire to control and dominate our environment.   


Bottle 9Bottle 9 is turquoise over green, “the Atlantean” The message of this bottle is get you priorities right, remember the lesson of Atlantis, rectify the feelings of guilt associated with the misuse of power.  It is of note that probably 95% of my client base have a major influence of 9 in their birth numbers.  2009 is going to be a big year.  Nines absolutely do not like authority of any kind. In fact they have turned their back on authority including their own spiritual authority.  This has caused those with 9 energy in their energy field to be very stuck for eons.  The trick with authority is to know when to buck it and when not to.  There is no point being a rebel without a cause.


Bottle 29When you add the 20 and the 9 you get 29 red over blue, Bottle 29.  The challenge of this bottle is to find the peace that you crave and let go of the anger, frustration and resentment at life which is often very evident in people with 9 energy. Bottle 29  The message here is get and get going, heal the past and move on.  29 added together comes  to 11 clear over pink bottle 11. 


Bottle 11This is the bottle we use in the Aura-soma system when nothing else you seem to do in a therapeutic setting seems to work.  This bottle is about  clarity of mind, to see one’s soul clearly and to allow love to be the abiding principle in all that one does.   Probably the biggest challenges of this bottle are to overcome self-doubt and allow yourself to truly feel again.


Bottle 2Add 11 together and we are back to the beginning again blue over blue, bottle 2.  Difficulties with authority; be it masculine or feminine and no knowing how to move beyond the societal models of male and female – mother and father.  Once again healing the inner child and consequently finding the love, peace and connectedness that we all so deeply crave.


Welcome 2009, more than any other year you will be called to drop your baggage and move into a place of wholeness that facilitates healing not only for yourself but for others as well.

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