The Soul of October 2012

Here in the Adelaide hills Spring is truly here.  The wild flowers are blooming and the days are becoming warmer.  October of course is the second month of Spring and the energies of October are going to be a change of pace from the heaving duty energies of the preceding months.  Let’s look at the numbers for October 2012; we have 10 plus 20 plus 12 which equals 6.  We have been dealing with the 20 and 12 all year so I will not go over them again, so let’s initially look at bottle 10.

Bottle 10 in the Aura-Soma system is green over green.  Hidden within is of course yellow and blue.  We will look at them in a moment.  Green is the frequency of our planet – Earth. It is the colour of healing, a large part of our natural environment displays a multiplicity of green.  Bottle green has four major facets:

  1. connecting with nature and experiencing your oneness with nature.
  2. if you have a ten in your birth date you often find that it is hard for you to be yourself around strong personalities.  You can end up being what they want and say.
  3. green can be quite stubborn and resistant to change, it can be frozen with fear.
  4. green is the colour of jealousy and envy.

It is quiet curious when you think about it, that a colour that is so abundant and nurturing in our environment is also aligned with one of the most destructive emotions humans can express.  Jealousy and envy is felt by many when they perceive that someone has something that they believe they should have.  In that moment of thought they believe that there is scarcity in their world and therefore they are missing out.  Jealousy and envy usually only has one means of recourse and that is to take what we believe is rightfully ours and/or prevent the other person from having what it is we desire.  Jealousy is called the green eyed monster for good reason.  So yes this month you may find yourself battling the green eyed monster from those around you or from within yourself.

As always in order to move forward in our lives, to be able to live happier and more fulfilling lives we all need to clean up our shadow emotions.  Our shadow emotions are natural in that they are part of our psyche.  That however, doesn’t mean that we cannot grow past them.

The brighter side of green is of course being in touch with nature.  Getting out there amongst nature and enjoying the beautiful environment we have here in Australia. This is where the yellow contained within green can help. Yellow can be the colour of fear or courage.  Choose courage!  Connect with the brave yellow daffodils of spring, often the first spring flowers.  Spend time out enjoying the yellow warmth of the spring sun.  Allow yourself to be nourished by green and yellow, the colours of spring.  We have had a long cold and dark winter on many levels.

Yellow can also help you stand up for yourself, speak your truth, do what you want to do rather than be dictated to by the forceful personalities around you.  Just for fun re-acquaint yourself for the 60’s song by Donovan, Mellow Yellow!  Though I realise it will not be a re-acquaintance, it will be a first introduction for some.

One final note on bottle 10 is that it also has blue contained within.  As I have said in previous months blue is concerned with authority and often with fighting perceived outside authorities.  Whilst this will continue in this month to some degree I feel that the energy of blue in October will be considerably more mellow, a time of finding peace.  Just be and enjoy the return of spring.

We had a look at bottle 6 in June, Red over Red. So let me just reiterate.  Red is such a vibrant colour it can mean unlimited energy, passion and warmth it can also mean warning! Red is also the colour of blood, the symbol of truth and sacrifice.    Red is what we need when we are depleted emotionally, mentally and physically. So wear red when you need extra energy.  Red like green can also be very healing.  It is all of the red vegetables that are so full of valuable anti-oxidants.  If you are going to get yourself into trouble this month it will be if you combine the potent red energies of sexuality and anger and dance with the green eyed monster! Red is also considered a warning colour for good reason.

The slogan of the flower children in the 60’s was make love not war.  Use your red energy wisely!  Despite the fact that red caused a very fractious month in June I feel that October is going to be more balanced.  The mass joining together of the peoples of Melbourne as they mourned Jill Meager is very much exemplifies the energies of October.  Standing together, seeing how we are all connected and standing up for what is right. What effects one can affect all. This does not mean that I don’t think there will be challenges with angry or jealous people, but that the events are more likely to bring about change and positive growth and awareness.

I hope that you all find the sunshine of yellow, the peace of blue, the healing of green and red energy to enjoy it all during October.



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