The Soul of November 2012

The Soul of November 2012

November the last month of spring and here in Adelaide the weather has been very topsy turvy.  We however have not had the disastrous weather that the east coast of America has experienced. November is my birth month and as such is always the beginning of a new cycle. It is also the last month of the year before the silly season really ramps up.  So let’s see what November 2012 has in store, we have 11 plus 20 plus 12 which equals 7.  If you would like to look at the energies of 20 and 12 please check back on my previous posts as these have been constant all year.

Bottle 11 clear over pink is called the Essence Bottle, the catch phrase for this bottle is: “When all else has failed or does not work use bottle 11.” It’s kind of funny when you think many people come to me for help when they are in this exact predicament.   Pink of course calls you back to love and in this particular case love of your soul.  There is always lots of talk about Love from the ‘positive talk community’, everything is love and beautiful.  Love is not only about the good times, it is also about the expression of love and compassion during the difficult times.  From a personal level “can you still love yourself when you act in a certain ways?”  Do you worry about “Will others still love me if they really knew who I was?” These are the questions that plague us all.  Most suffer enormous doubt about whether the answer to these questions will be a resounding YES!  But how many people do you know that truly love themselves and everything about themselves?  The clear in the top fraction of bottle 11 allows the love to flow through.  Sometimes it all becomes too much and we decide i­­t would be easier to shut our hearts down and no longer feel the pain and fear.  In the end this place becomes infinitely worse than what we were running from.  Self doubt about our security and place in love is the greatest inner demon that we all need to face.  Doubt and fear destroys faith and belief in ourselves and November 2012 is primarily about the test of faith in oneself.

Bottle 7 in the Aura-Soma system is yellow over green and it is called the Garden of Gethsemanes.  Now if we take that theme out of the religious setting bottle 7 is about the test of faith.  This is not a test of faith in anything outside of ourselves; it is the test of faith in ourselves.  Can we do this?  Can we survive and thrive?  Will it all be okay?  The test of faith is in whether we believe and feel that we will endure and be okay.  Even when disaster strikes our lives or things are not going as we would want.  In the Americas this is exactly what they are going through.  For all of us as we stress about our relationships or our financial situations our stress is driven by our fear that we will not be okay.  Without going all biblical on you, there is a phrase in the bible that states something like this “if you had a tiny drop of faith you could shift mountains”.  Faith and belief is the energy that makes all of the techniques covered in The Secret and many other self-help modalities work or not.  Unfortunately most have stronger negative beliefs and faith driven by fear than they do positive.  Bottle 7 has a lot of yellow and you may remember from last month I talked about yellow is either great joy or great fear.    Each and every one of us must decide whether we are going to have faith in something or someone outside of themselves or whether we dare to find the courage and faith from within.  This is a scary place for many because they do not have the faith in themselves.  Most do not believe that they will be enough, that they will be okay.  But more than that, we worry that we will not thrive when life throws us a curve ball.   This leaves us all with a deeply rooted sense of powerlessness and we certainly cannot move mountains in this state. It is these deeply seated fears that we must all take responsibility for removing.  Strength of spirit comes from the investment of time and effort just the same as strength of muscles. I would love to be able to help you achieve strength of spirit and a strong faith and belief in yourself and your true potential.   You must take the first step.

Have fun during November, stretch your limits, and discover what you are truly capable of!


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