January Newsletter 2011

Hi Everyone,

Wow, last year was a challenge!  Some of you will know that I welcomed two beautiful pug puppies into my life; Lilly and Dexter.  I was optimistic. I truly never realised how much work puppies were, let alone two of them.  On top of which Dexter had a couple of serious health challenges.  I am pleased to say they are both are now fit and well.  I have found a wonderful natural vet as well as a vet who has a foot in both camps.  I don’t always let them greet everyone as they are boisterous in their welcome.  Zak was far more sedate in his sunset years. The pair of them bring me so much pleasure. All the difficulties and challenges of their first year are rapidly fading.

I myself have had a couple of health challenges, which is so unusual for me. It kind of took me by surprise.  The ongoing loss of my voice was the most debilitating and is still ongoing in a lesser degree.  The most challenging aspect was that anything that I did to bring about resolution did not work, nor did anything any other practitioner had suggested or offered.  The medical profession likewise had no solution.

As I struggled to deal with the meaning of my condition I become acutely aware of how limited we are in our prescriptive meaning or causation of any event.  It didn’t matter whether the cause and therefore treatment came from alternative practitioners of the medical profession.  It caused me to reflect upon the truth that I have always known – our bodies are currently limited in their biological expression and therefore a condition such as “loss of voice” or a cough does not necessarily mean that the person is afraid to speak their truth, or is holding back from saying something etc or that they have some pathogen.  All of the “meaning” or interpretive dictionaries out there whether they be the Merk Manual, a pathology digest, or Louise Hay’s “You can Heal your Life” are only guides they are not the absolute truth. Life is an art. It cannot be mapped out in dot to dot points.  It is this truth that caused me many years ago to elect to often treat in silence; not waste time exploring the causative reason for an individual’s condition in minute detail at the conscious mind level.  I was acutely aware that as soon as I did, the conscious mind would grab hold and limit the meaning and cause and therefore limit the healing potential.  I often found myself saying to clients who had been searching for meaning for many years “would you accept resolution of your condition even if you didn’t understand or know what caused it?”  Let me affirm to you all, it is not always as easy as it sounds!

Does this mean that I believe that we should give up the search for meaning in life? Absolutely, not it is meaning that guides our lives.  When someone smiles at us, depending on what meaning we place upon the smile, we find pleasure in it or not.  When hardships happen, how we deal with them depends upon the meaning we give the hardship.  We all need to evaluate our lives regularly, and the New Year is a good time to do that.  Sit and contemplate; what does your life in all its complexities mean to you?  Does the truth of your meaning bring you joy, growth, love, wellness?  If not then it’s time to make some changes.  If you don’t know how to make those changes, then I can help, it is always my great privilege and pleasure to do so.

The Colour of 2011

In the Aura-Soma system 2011 is made up of four bottles: Bottle 20, Bottle 11, Bottle 2 and Bottle 4.

Bottle 20 is blue over pink and is called the Child Rescue/Star Child bottle which is all about intuitional love and the communication of unconditional love.  So what does this mean? This particular colour combination is the backbone of our current century.  Bottle 20 is about finding the child within, and healing that child.  It is such a shame to be 30, 40 or 90 and still be living your life through the emotional immaturity of a two year old child. 

Bottle 20 is about finding that child, healing that child and finding unconditional love and acceptance for the child that is not dependent upon outside opinions or approvals.  It is not until we have found love and compassion for ourselves within ourselves that we can offer this to others.  Bottle 20’s frequency links back to the ancient civilization of Lemuria which preceded Atlantis.  We in Australia have a strong connection to Lemuria and particularly those of us here in SA.

Bottle 11 is clear over pink. Bottle 11 offers Pink for the depths of love and a brand new clear space in the conscious mind to express it.  This is the bottle we use in the Aura-soma system when nothing else you seem to do in a therapeutic setting seems to work. This bottle ties in with what I was saying above, that when none of the prescriptive therapies and meanings have meaning.   Use the frequency of this bottle to find another way that may be completely new.  This bottle is about clarity of mind, to see one’s soul clearly and to allow love to be the abiding principle in all that one does.  Probably the biggest challenge of this bottle is to overcome self-doubt and allow yourself to truly feel again.  Allowing yourself to receive love as well as give love.  You can see that Bottle 20 and Bottle 11 strengthen each other.  We really do have to find new ways of being and existing on this planet before we have no planet left to receive from!  The old ways of doing and being, whether they are religious or scientific, need to make way for a more complete understanding that is based in love.

Bottle 20 and Bottle 11 can be broken down to Bottle 2, which is blue over blue and represents peace on every level. The only way I know to create peace on planet earth is for each and every one of us to find peace within.  We all need to find the love an acceptance that comes from within.  We cannot find this through drugs, prescribed or “recreational”, nor can we find it with alcohol or the endless pursuit of things and people to make us happy.  Christmas was not a happy event for many of the big retailers because there has been a massive shift and disenchantment with the pursuit of things.  We cannot have peace whilst we are still struggling with corrupt authority or uncaring institutions, but we cannot change them from the outside, we must change them from within each and every one of us.  Every woman alive knows that even though conscious thought is saying that women are equal, legislation has been put in place to facilitate equality, but in reality it is only lip service.  Why is this so? Because the outside world may have changed but the individual inner realities have not.  Each and every one of us must be responsible for a little piece of the whole, we must be responsible for changing our inner truths. Legislation will never do this.

2011 adds up to Bottle 4, Yellow over Gold, the sunlight bottle.  Bottle 4 encourages us to find inner knowledge and wisdom.  Start to think for ourselves in an organic and wholistic way.  To let go of all forms of worship of something or someone outside of us.  Whether it’s money, gold, things, people, movie stars, heroes or heroines, even our concept of god and goddess.  Worship always encourages us to be less than we are and make another more important or more powerful.  Worship of the one creates a hierarchy within the world rather than equality and consensus.  Do you need to worship your partner in order to love and respect them?  I don’t believe so. Nor do I believe that the divine within each and every one of us requires us to worship them, we are one and the same.

More than ever it is time for us to grow up and find our true inner selves. If you don’t know how to begin this process the good news is that I know a way.  Is it the only way? No of course not, but is a way that does not require you to give up your own power in the process.  I require that you be responsible for every step of the way. I want you to find your own unique power and gifts for together we all become a greater force for positive change.

A long term wish materialized – Aura-Video Station

For a long time I have wanted a device, or software, to record changes in our energy field, in particular our Aura.  Due to the strength of the Australian dollar I have now purchased software and equipment from the US at a reasonable price which allows me to do this.  I intend to use it in several ways.  When I take in clients for the first time it will be part of your initial consult.  You will receive a 20 page report as well as some photo images of your aura.  Then over time we will review your changes. If you want to have a new photo printed out in each session you can, if not I will just leave it on file.  There will of course be a cost for this service and if you don’t want the printout you don’t have to, but I will keep the images on file for my records. I would however encourage you to do so for your own information as well.  Of course clients who are not “new” and would like to have their aura reproduced can of course do so.  This will be a wonderful way to assess changes in your energy system aside from the changes you notice in yourself and your life.

The second way I intend to use this software is to allow people to just come and have their aura photo and report produced as a means of self awareness.  You will be able to do this at Soul Alchemy at Gawler on specified days and I will also be offering this service at the Psychic Tea Parties and possibly at some psychic fairs around Adelaide.

The third way this software can be used is to help you discover which therapeutic option is best for you.  For example you can hold a magnetic device, crystal, herbal etc and see if it brings you into greater balance.

I will advise dates of availability at Soul Alchemy at a later date or alternatively you can keep watch on FaceBook which will be the first place we post this information.

Meditation Groups

Gawler Area – Recommences on Monday 10th.   Arrive at 8.00 pm for 8.15 pm sharp start.  The cost per session is $15 payable in advance for 1 month.  We have a couple of spaces available so be quick if you would like to join.

Blackwood Area – I am changing this from a Tuesday night to a Wednesday night. Recommencing on Wednesday 12th.  The cost per session is $15 payable in advance for 1 month.  We have a couple of spaces available so be quick if you want to join this group.

There are no refunds if you do not attend

Reiki 1 and 2

I have had several request to run another Reiki 1 and 2 training, however I need a minimum of 4 to offer the training.  I can offer the training at either Gawler or Blackwood depending on numbers.  Please let me know if you would like to attend.  The cost for the day is $125 per level.

Changes Appointment Fees and Policy

Initial consult fee is $150 including your aura report.

Aura Report $50 

Initial consult without the Aura report $110

Children and concession card holders $100

Subsequent consults are $100

Children and concession card holders $90

Stop Smoking consult $250 including two detox products

My time is valuable and so is yours!  I require 48 hours notice if you intend not to keep your appointment.  If you do not provide 48 hours notice without exceptional circumstances and do not attend you will be charged a full consultation fee.  If you do not pay, you will not be offered another appointment.  I only wish to work with those who take their personal growth seriously.

Special Introductory Offer for January – All Aura Reports will be offered for $40

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