Living in a World Beyond Antibiotics and Religion Part 2

Living in a World Post Religion – Part 2

It appears to be part of the human condition to seek something greater than ourselves.  Science is driven by the same need to understand how the world works, how it all started.  Granted though science usually, until recent times, has only concerned itself with the nature of the physical world and has left the world of spirit to religion.  This is in part because of an agreement between the Roman Pope and the men of science, particular medical science over a hundred years ago.

It is also true that the vast majority of our world religions are hundreds if not thousands of years old. The fact that they are still around is a testimony to the human need to seek meaning among other things.  All religions have a creation story and first men or women or both.  All religions contain copious amounts of metaphor and stories to explain meaning in the world.  Religion also outlines ways to contact the unseen world of spirit and ultimately god or goddess consciousness itself.

The power of religion is that it has been around thousands of years and therefore it is deeply embedded into the psyche of humanity.  We are therefore influenced by religion whether we have been brought up within a religion or not.  In Australia our laws and society are based on Christian principles.  Some would say that this is a good thing – if it has been around so long then it must be true and of value.  However, consider our society is still controlled, sometimes subtly and other times overtly by laws and concepts that are thousands of years old  when society and human endeavour was completely different.  Any thinking person would then have to ask is our current religion still valid?

Now I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater here, what I am saying is; is it time to rethink the religious concepts that govern us?  It is religion that first created the domination of women and the environment so perhaps it is time that we look at the nitty gritty  consequences of religious dogma.   You may be temped to say that if you didn’t personally go to church you were not taught these things or that the “church” doesn’t uphold gender discrimination anymore.  Well that maybe so, but have we actually eradicated these practices in our society?  Have we changed our religious doctrine to reflect a new position? Do we still condone and allow religious practices that demean and devalue women.

I am often asked what is the difference between spiritualism and religion.  For me the difference is that religion is a formalized way of spiritualism and spiritualism tries to be free of such dogma.  The problem is spiritualism is usually a rework and re-labelling of religious concepts and beliefs.  For example in Christianity there is a desire to be more “god-like” to be a vessel for God on earth, this all revolves around being acceptable and doing the right thing according to how we believe God likes it.  The reward is to get into heaven.

New age personal development or spiritualism is a re-work of this.  When I heal my wounds, think the right things, do the right things I will get what I want at the very least and ultimately live in a place of pure positivism where everything is wonderful and everything goes my way (heaven in religious terms).

So the question becomes what would life be without the archetypal dogma of religion? What would our reality change to?  At the moment that is an overwhelming question that makes most people quiver and then go back to sleep.  It is like asking what is the sound of one hand clapping?

The question of how to deal with antibiotic resistant bugs is a big issue. One we must all take personal action and responsibility for it to change.  What is acceptable reality and meaning is similar but on a much bigger scale. Now, in the past for the average person who wasn’t a monk or someone who lived a monastic life you would never contemplate this question let alone have the time to sit to figure it out.  This is another problem with religion it is mostly aimed at a engaged religious life with very little other pursuits.  Most of us including myself don’t have time to sit on a mountain top. I realized this over 16 years ago when I started developing the processes that I use for myself and with my clients. Like everyone else I had bills to pay and in my case three sons to raise.

The processes that I have developed allow for individualize change and yet move individuals to a place of peace and love that comes from the inside.  The Biosenetics process enables everyone to put in a little effort and get big results whilst still living a “normal” life.

I sincerely believe that it is time for a huge upgrade in our foundational beliefs about ourselves and the nature of divinity.  We need to re-evaluate reality and meaning. Otherwise we are going to keep doing what we have been doing and at the moment that is not looking so promising.   It is not enough to change the way we think at the conscious level.  Change must come from our deeper unconscious collective psyche.  We all have a personal stake in this and a personal responsibility.

If you are wondering if I have a process for this, of course I do, already many clients are embarking on religious/spiritual change as am I.  The more of us who embody change which enables us to embody divinity in another way that is life giving for all, the sooner we may actually change the world.

If you are ready to change the foundational truth of your existence then check out my book – Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, the Secret to Shifting Consciousness. You will discover the foundational archetypal truths that keep us stuck in our current state of consciousness.

Living in a World Beyond Antibiotics and Religion

I am sure that you wondering about the meaning of the the title of this blog – Living in a World Beyond Antibiotics and Religion.  You are also probably curious to know why I have linked the two together.  So let me briefly explain the correlations.  Antibiotics have been one of the underpinning concepts and drugs of modern medicine.  When penicillin was discovered it was based upon a particular theory about our cells and how to treat them when they become infected with bacteria.  Infection control has been one of the biggest discoveries in modern times.  We have been living in a golden era of infection control since 1930.  Antibiotics have been seen by many as the cure all saviour, however the power of the savior is fading and becoming compromised by antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.  I will discuss more about life after antibiotics below.

However,  if you are still wondering about the correlation between antibiotics and religion let me give you a few more clues.  Religion informs you how to save your soul and antibiotics are what you resort to, to save your physical life.  Just as the power, influence and effectiveness of antibiotics is waning, it is also true for our established Christian religion.  The questions I pose in my article below is it time for finding new ways to save one’s soul?  This of course is a very touchy subject for many people, countless wars have been fought on the basis of religion and a plethora of ideologies have been created on the basis who is right and who is not about the life and times of Jesus.

It is not my intention to offend anyone but only to explore the possibilities of away of moving forward. Perhaps in my own small way offering different ways of exploring and interrelating with what we call the divine which is within each and every one of use.

In the end it doesn’t matter where you find dogma be it scientific or religious. Dogma becomes a sacred cow and whilst it is useful for awhile in the end it causes limitations and other unintended side effects.

Living in a Post Antibiotic World – Pt 1

At the moment many medical experts are warning that “Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances”.  The fear is that these superbugs represent one of the gravest threats in the history of medicine.  Essentially without antibiotics we will not be able to manage life threatening infections, many will survive their surgery or accident only to die later from baterial infections.

A new class of antibiotics has not been developed since 1987 and since that time our bugs have been evolving.  Medicine is now having to turn on it’s head in that once it’s strength was that for every ill there was a pill now this is no longer the case.  In actual fact this practice has caused superbugs.    Unfortunately antibiotics are not just been used excessively for human ills they are also extensively used in vast quantities in agriculture, fisheries and by vets.  Our environment is now flooded with antibiotics the same as oestrogens.  We are all passively exposed to antibiotics in the food we eat,  the air we breath and the water we drink.

As Professor Otto Cars of Uppsala University in Sweden has said “antibiotic resistance is a complex ecological problem which doesn’t just effect people, but is also intimately connected with agriculture and the environment.

So what action can we as individuals take?  Understand that the concept of a pill for every ill is not valid.  Take steps to keep ourselves health by doing our best to get adequate rest, eat nutritious foods and drink clean water.  In Australia most of these things are possible for most people.  When we actually need antibiotics take then as prescribed.  Coupled with this also take a herbal AntibioBotanical. There is research that indicates that Pharmaceutical antibiotics kill most but not all bacteria leaving a small amount antibiotic resistant the herbal antibiobotanical that I can prescribe supports full elimination of bacteria and fungi.  Couple with this try to treat infections before they become full blown and leave antibiotics your only option.  The same Antibiobotanical is a good first option for minor infections.

If you would like more information about the AntibioBotanical please let me know as it seems a sensible inclusion into your medicine chest.

For the world to change it requires each and everyone of us to take personal responsibility for the change.  We cannot leave it up to big brother, the politicians or the doctors or even to a higher power. Which leads nicely into my next topic – Living in a World Beyond Religion

No March Madness Here, Stay Chilled!

Welcome to Shamarie’s March Newsletter

Lately I have been getting so many newsletters entitled March Madness I decided to investigate were this phrase was coming from.  Apparently it refers to a basketball game.  It astounds me how easily we slip into Americanism.

February was a busy month, clients were true to form with my prediction for February  as outlined  in my blog post,  The Soul Essence of February.  Though I must admit it took until half way through the month to figure out what was actually going on.  March is going to be interesting, it’s primary number is 9 the main focus is not wanting to listen!  Haven’t had a chance to tune in yet so you can check it out later on my blog.  Coupled with 9 we have mercury in retrograde.  So watch out for some mix ups in communications.

I have included a damming report about the cancer industry coming from the UK.  Well worth the read as breast cancer is every present in the public eye. Many individuals and organization heavily support charities that support scientific research research into breast cancer.

How do You know if you are insane?
shamarie energy healer australia keeps you changingMost of us feel comfortable and secure when we can count on the consistency and reliability of people, transport systems and other social structures.  Predictability means that we don’t need to worry about a particular thing or person.  In many ways we rely upon reliability.The ability to keep getting the same results from the same behaviour is a very useful skill.  It means that you can follow in another’s footsteps and obtain roughly the same results.  All big business franchises rely upon teaching their individual franchisees the steps so that they can get the same results as the parent company.  All scientific research is validated when it can be reproduced by another scientist.However, habitual repartition can cause us to become stuck in our ways.  Have you every tried to change your golf swing?  Most people are not only habitualized in their physical behaviour but also in their thinking and emotional patterns.  When you hear yourself say “this always happens to me” or something similar,  you know you are stuck in a habit of some kind.  So it doesn’t matter how many times you do the same thing you are always going to get the same result.  Even though you may not want that result.

You will be surprised at the number of people who are continually frustrated as to “why this keeps happening”. If you want to change your outcomes you need to change the process and inner reality that is YOU.  Otherwise you will get the same result over and over.  The players and setting my change but the outcome will be the same.

The definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome!

The trick is to continually evolve your mind so that you can transform your world.  The good thing is that change keeps you health and sane!

Oncologists Conceal Toxicity Issues and Bias 

This research was taken from the work of Daniel Webber, Panaxea
Breast Cancer Research Bias shamarie energy healer australiaConventional cancer treatments aren’t working for women with breast cancer. Women are falling into a cancer industry machine only to be spit out at the other end, permanently damaged and still with no reasonable assurance of long-term survival. Lord Maurice Saatchi is calling for the law relating to cancer treatment to be changed in England. He describes the current law as a “barrier to progress in curing cancer” and says doctors are deterred from trying new forms of treatment in case they are sued. 

He said on public television, “The current treatments for women are medieval, degrading and ineffective. Women think of the worst part of treatment as hair loss but this is the good news. The less good news is the effect of the drugs—nausea, vomiting, fatigue—but this is still the good news. The really bad news is that the effects of the drugs on the immune system of women allow fatal infections to enter the body. Women are then as likely to die from the infection as from the cancer.”

There are laws that make it impossible for oncologists to go outside the established norms in treating cancer of any kind. In fact, punishment is severe and could mean lawsuits as well as the permanent loss of a job and/or license. Any deviation by doctors from what is standard procedure is likely to lead to being found guilty for medical negligence. This has led to the brutal treatment of women at the hands of predominantly male-oriented oncologists and radiologists.

When Lord Saatchi remarked about medieval methods he was not choosing his words lightly. In those days Christian torturers used to routinely target the breasts of women, often ripping them right off their chests. Surgeons at least use a knife and anesthetics but some women have their breasts removed for preventive reasons, so desperate are they to avoid breast cancer and the brutal treatments waiting for them.[1]

Dishonest Oncology
Orthodox oncology is not honest with itself so it is very difficult to believe or put faith in what oncologists say about breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter) because the results of drug trials to justify their treatments are regularly spun to conceal bias and make the drugs seem more effective or less toxic than they really are.

According to a study, “Bias in reporting of end points of efficacy and toxicity in randomized, clinical trials for women with breast cancer,” published in January 2013 in Annals of Oncology, researchers from the University of Toronto found that in 164 randomized Phase III clinical trials that a third were reported positively despite not meeting the primary objective, by emphasizing other, less important outcomes. “These reports were biased and used spin in attempts to conceal that bias,” the authors wrote. Some studies even changed the primary objective halfway through, possibly because early results suggested the trial would otherwise fail.[2]

The researchers also found evidence of bias in the reporting of toxic side effects of drugs used in two-thirds of the trials. In these cases, high toxicity findings were omitted from the abstracts and conclusions, and instead buried in the “small print” of the article. Medical scientists have been caught painting an overly rosy picture of their drugs for their own ends, which means for the end dictated by the companies that pay their bills.

In short, much of oncology is based on research fraud. In a study published in Nature in March 2012, researchers tried to replicate the results of 53 basic preclinical cancer studies. Of those 53 studies, only six were replicable. In his new book, Bad Pharma, Dr. Goldacre sounds a warning bell on the fact that drug manufacturers are the ones who fund trials of their own products. One of the most widely recognized and true tests of scientific proof is when these studies showing positive results can be and are replicated by independent researchers—not researchers chosen or paid by the drug manufacturer providing the original finding.

“Drugs are tested by the people who manufacture them in poorly designed trials, on hopelessly small numbers of weird, unrepresentative patients, and analyzed using techniques that are flawed by design, in such a way that they exaggerate the benefits of treatments,” writes Goldacre in his book. “When trials throw up results that companies don’t like, they are perfectly entitled to hide them from doctors and patients, so we only ever see a distorted picture of any drug’s true effects.”

Breast Self Examination
New product that allows for accurate and easy examination
shamarie energy healerShortly, you will see a new page on my website called Products.  This page will have links to Products you can source on your own.  This page will include products that I either endorse and/or personally use.  I came across a company called Plexus that produces these little satchels of fluid that you can place over your breast when you self examine.  They are so sensitive that they will pick up a grain of salt underneath them.  This company also sells a breast detoxification cream and some weight loss products.  I am specifically sending you to this resource for the self examination satchels and the breast cream.The link will be for Plexus Worldwide and it should be on my page within the next week.

Homoeopathy Gets a Big Tick – February Newsletter

A big Tick for Homoeopathy Swiss Government Report on Homoeopathy
In 2011 the Swiss Government released a report on “Effectiveness, Cost-Effectiveness and Appropriateness of Homoeopathy”. Arguably it represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homoeopathic medicine every commissioned by a government.  It has now been published in German and English.(Bornholft and Matthiesen, 2011)

The Swiss Governments’s enquiry into homoeopathy and complementary (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to modern medicine, not only from consumers by also from physicians.  It was prompted by a strong stir of public opinion against the Swiss Government’s earlier plans to suspend complementary medicine services from the national health insurance program.
Homoeopathy Energy Healer AustraliaMany high-quality investigations proved homoeopathic high potencies induced regulative and specific changes in cells of living organisms.  29 studies in the area of “upper respiratory tract infections and allergic reactions showed a positive overall result in favour of homoeopathy.  6 out of 7 controlled studies were at least equivalent to conventional medicine interventions.  8 out of 16 placebo controlled studies were significant in favour of homoeopathy.Applied properly classical homoeopathy has few side-effects and the use of  high-potencies is free of toxic effects. (high potencies are not available for retail purchase)
The over all conclusion was that; effectiveness of homoeopathy can be supported by clinical evidence and professional and adequate application can be regarded as safe. (taken from ASBRM Biological Medicine Vol 24)
There are copious medical research papers published in international medical journals on the effectiveness of homoeopathy.  It is indeed a mystery why the TGA and most Australian doctors dismiss homoeopathy as expensive water with no therapeutic effect.
Homoeopathy Energy Healer AustraliaWhat Causes Sensitivities and Allergic “Type” Reactions?
Some of us are born with life threatening allergic reactions and it is not possible to reverse this situation. However, it is possible to detoxify and make your immune system as low-reactive as possible.
Alternatively some individuals are born with hyper-vigilant immune systems that often react to foods, chemicals and airborne substances which others do not.  Then, there are those whose immune system becomes more hyper-reactive as they become older. Sensitivities can increase in number and severity with age.  Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story.
The other major factor that elevates our sensitivities is of cause emotional distress and physical stress.In the early stages of sensitivities you may not even be aware that your body is reacting.  It may only be a slight snuffle, heat or itchiness that you put down to co-incidence.  It is not until you have a full-blown reaction do you pay attention.
Signs and symptoms of sensitivities can be varied: Bloating, itchy eyes, throat and skin, tiredness, fever, hyperactivity, asthma, headaches, constipation, diarrhoea, insomnia, runny nose, sneezing, sinusitis, snoring, dermatitis, hives…………to name a few.
Now you all probably know what I can offer in the area of emotional stress but you may not be aware of what I can offer with regards to Homoeopathic treatments for sensitivities.

Apart from detoxification mentally and emotionally homoeopathy is really powerful and yet gentle when it comes to detoxification.  I recommend that everyone performs an annual detoxification.  Springtime is usually best if you complete the process annually.  However, you can do a detoxification process at any time as the need arises.

Doing a detox does not just mean taking over the counter detox herbal preparation that usually cause you to feel unwell.  Their effectiveness is usually limited in action.

Homoeopathy is also really effective for de-sensitizing most sensitivity reactions.  I also offer a service whereby I send  a small sample of your hair to a Naturopath in Queensland who has developed a 400 food item sensitivity test.

This test is extremely accurate and the elimination of the food on the list brings about an overall improvement in the health of every individual who follows the instructions.  For more information on the non-invasive Hair test visit click here

January Newsletter

Welcome to 2013

The build up to the December 21 was palatable in the air.  I am still amazed to hear that there were those out there who truly believed that the literal end of the year was Nye.  We have definitely come to an end of an era.  I like many others have great hopes for the future of planet earth. I held a meditation here at Blackwood for those who were able to come.  Maria  held another meditation space for clients in the Riverland on the night of expected exact centre of the change. We trialled a hook-up via Skype to combine the two groups.  I understand it was a little more challenging for the Riverland group!

The change of an era is a bit like watching the sun go down.  The sun has actually been moving towards going down all day and hence when it actually goes down it is not always noticed.  Change has been happening on planet earth for the last few years as we move towards the exact turning point.  There has been evidence of an increased spiritual awareness in many and a crumbling of old power systems.  But we are not there yet.  It will take concerted effort on all of our behalves to bring about fundamental changes to the human social structures that currently exist.  The changing of the frequencies that the new era brings will make it easier for change to occur but it cannot force it.

The major reason for writing my book was to in my own small way contribute to movement of change away from the old fundamental structure of power over – victim and aggressor.  I would like Evolve Your Unconscious Mind 3D booksmallcropto thank everyone who has supported me by purchasing my book Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, the secret to shifting consciousness and changing your world.  The feedback that I have received so far has been very heart warming.

For those of you who would like a copy and cannot get to me, I believe you can now purchase it in most bookstores. It is also available at Soul Alchemy in Gawler and online at  I will personally sign your copy when you come in for an appointment.

This year has been a very busy year for me with regards to publishing my book and being involved in all the behind the scene processes that needed to occur.  It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone and hence 2012 has been a year of great personal growth.  The good thing is the more I grow the more I can help you grow also.  This is something that I think that you, my clients should also remember about yourselves.  As you take the journey of personal development you also enable those around you to grow.  This doesn’t mean that you or I do it for them but that it is hard for someone to remain in their old patterns when those around them no longer play by the same rules.  So from that point of view each and every one of you is playing your part in bringing about change in the world.

A few weeks ago I also completed my 2 year Initiatic Art Therapy Course.  I hope to be able to offer some Art Therapy Workshops in the near future.  Art Therapy is both enjoyable and challenging in process and profoundly life changing to boot. Whilst Art Therapy uses art materials such as paints, paper and more it is not actually about producing an artistic masterpiece.  Art Therapy allows people of all ages to engage in a healing process without the need for cognitive rumination.  Art Therapy engages the inner child and the consciousness of the physical body. The use of colour and artist materials allows us to engage the very deep recess of our being.

The last part of my course involved dealing with trauma, which I personally found very challenging.  However, it has a profound effect on me personally and how I deal with those of you who have also been locked into traumatic events.  It seems that you don’t have to have been involved in an accident or have gone to war to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  In actual fact I believe that PTSS is at the basis of most of our mental health issues.  For some of us we experience profound shock during our early years and quite often never really recover.­

At the moment I am currently re-constructing my website to make it more SEO compatable.  This is a major undertaking and is part of the work required by the individuals who are helping me with marketing my book and my healing services in general. I was hoping that the fresh new website would be uploaded before January 1st however, that has now been and gone so soon…..

coming up next the Soul of 2013

Is there such a thing as the Ultimate Truth?

Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, the secret to shifting consciousness and changing your worldIn my book Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, the secret to shifting consciousness I challenge many of humanity’s foundational truths.  Truths such as the power of one and duality and polarity thinking.  If we have the courage to examine our foundational truths then we have the capacity to change our world completely.

I am often asked is there an ultimate truth and I guess there is but in the mean time truth is what you make it.  Each individual operates according to their particular truth and their truth informs them of how to make sense or meaning of the world and the things in it.  The ultimate truth for me at this point of time is that everything is energy and it is the consciousness that inhabits our human form that is the meaning maker.  So what does this mean in practical terms?  Well depending up your truth paradigm you will assign the events in your life to have particular cause and effect and a meaning or value judgment will be assigned to that cause and effect.  For example medicine defines disease as something going wrong with the cell or the DNA or the cell has been invaded by a virus or bacteria.  Usually they shy away from placing any further meaning, they describe the process according to their paradigm of cells and chemicals and the process is the meaning and truth.  But you may have already noticed that science and medicine also keeps changing its mind on truth.

If you are a devout Christian or member of a religious group, usually illness is God’s will and the meaning is for punishment or learning.  Most new age thinkers also attribute disease a similar meaning.  Louise Hay has written many books giving her view of the meaning of illness.  Some individuals place a greater emphasis on thoughts and beliefs and others emotional states.  All philosophical systems whether they be called religion, science, free thought, all seek to understand cause and effect and attribute meaning.  When we are growing up in our families were are both consciously and unconsciously taught the meaning of actions—you love me if you do this, you don’t love me if you do that.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding or attributing meaning, but you need to understand that another’s truth or meaning may not be your own.  Living in the same culture does not even guarantee an agree-ance of meaning. So be mindful of the vast differences between genders, socio-economic groups and age generations.  Can people with different meaning making systems work with each other?  Absolutely, I often introduced a “left-field” meaning to my clients.  At the time they probably thought I was a bit loopy, regardless of this healing still occurred. The still managed to shift there consciousness out of a long held truth that no longer supported them.  Not because I was necessarily right but because the alternative truth metaphor was close enough.   The key is to be aware that we are not all working with the same systems and despite that, we can still help each other and work together.

Try to be open to the truth of others, they don’t have to threaten your own truth—think of how many shades, hues and tints of green there are in nature, but in the end they are all green.

If you really rebel against another’s meaning try to look within and ask why you are having an ‘allergic’ reaction to their truth—how does it threaten you?  My experience has been that when this happens there is often an element of truth in what they have said. Or alternatively, their truth is in direct opposition to the truth you personally hold as your personal gospel.

My role as an energy healer is to look at your patterns, identify how they all inter-relate and help you change you fundamental patterns when they no longer serve you.  How do you know if they are no longer serving you?  When you have decided that you are half the person that you can be and you  have decided enough is enough and you want more – you want to live a life of passion and wonder.

Book Launch and Birthday Celebrations

Some of you may be aware that at the beginning of this year I was accepted by Global Publishing to have my book published by them.  It has been my desire to write a book for many years. Though I never really knew what it was going to be about until I wrote it.  The writing of the book was easy, it was all the marketing, editing, etc etc that followed which was my biggest challenge.
So after many months of hard work and challenging personal growth tomorrow is my book launch day coinciding with my birthday.  This launch is specifically for you, my client community. I have chosen tomorrow on this birthday as I am the same age as the year I was born.  There may well be a special prize for those who guess what that magical number is!
As a special offer your can grab my book for $27.95 during the month of November
My book will probably not be in the book stores for a few more weeks. However you can grab a copy from me when you come into clinic this month. You can also purchase my book from my website that has been set up specificially for my book.  So without further adieu let me introduce-
In my book you will discover:
  • The deeply imbedded mind structures that keep you stuck
  • How your language describes and creates your world
  • The reasons why no matter what you do you never feel good enough
  • The hidden psychology that prevents you from getting the life you want and deserve
  • How New Age thought keeps you locked into old thinking
  • Life changing information that will guarantee that you will never look at your life the same way again
  • Why you keep doing the same things over and over and how you can break the habit
My book is specifically written for all who want to grow beyond where they have always been and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem of society’s current disfunction.
You will find in my book in depth information that I have never before released. Information about the negative consequences of polarity thinking and the shadow side of the Power of One.  I also discuss the ancient philosophical roots that underpin religion, science and new age thought.
My book is specifically written for all who want to grow beyond where they have always been and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem of society’s current disfunction.  
You will find in my book indepth information that I have never before released. Information about the negative consequences of polarity thinking and the shadow side of the Power of One.  I also discuss the ancient philosophical roots that underpin religion, science and new age thought.
A great Bonus Free Gift comes with the book :
The Transformation Zone Guided Meditation

August 2011 Newsletter – The Gathering Retreat

The Gathering Retreat

Escape the cycle of perpetual overwhelm!

October 28th, 29th and 30th

I have been told many times by clients and those in spirit that when individuals come to me for help they never really know what they are going to get but it is always exactly what they need!  So the following is an outline of the theme and program for the weekend, but as always with me there will be organic flow as required.

Life is becoming busier and busier, time is speeding up and some say that we have entered the “Quickening”, the period leading up to December 2012. Whatever is going to happen in the future is in some ways irrelevant. We all need to find peace, joy and fulfillment in the now. Unfortunately, many individuals feel as though they are living with constant overload of information; people, advertising, emails, TV etc.  The Gathering Retreat will a gathering of like minded souls who want to spend time gathering the many fractured aspects of themselves and re-integrating them into a synergistic whole.  Finding your sacred centre of Self, the place of calm in the surrounding storm.  The Gathering Retreat will give you the breathing space to gather your senses and unwind.  Having your mobile phone on is not an option during the day.

The weekend will involve the dissemination of information and processes to help you move forward no matter the outward storm of society.  There will be exercises to connect with the many aspects of yourself as well as exercises for healing.  We will go through the different stages of mind/soul development using variety of mediums; discussion, self-contemplation, storytelling, meditation and art materials.  (Don’t be afraid of the words “art materials” you will find your creativity even if you feel you do not have a creative bone in your body!)

You will leave the retreat feeling stronger; mentally, emotionally and spiritually, more in tune with yourself and more connected into the flow of your own life.  Renewed and relaxed. You will also be well equipped to keep your energy and the spaces that you live in clear.

The Gathering Retreat Fees (excluding accommodation)

  • $450 per person if paid in full before October 8th
  • $495 per person if paid after October 8th

Morning and afternoon tea on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday lunch and Saturday night dinner are included.

Make your booking early as places at The Gathering Retreat are limited

The Gathering Retreat Program

Friday Night

  • Gathering, meet and greet and a guided meditation

Saturday & Sunday

  • Psychic Protection, Keeping your energy and space clear
  • quick and easy healing processes to deal with day to day discomfort
  • Deepening your meditation with self-hypnosis processes
  • Why we are all stuck
  • Discussion on the different levels and attributes of mind including aspects of yourself – male and female, dark and light.
  • Do you need to worry about 2012 and what can you personally do?
  • bringing it all together for transformation and evolution of your soul
  • re-creation of the Self
  • Animal Totem for healing and guidance

Saturday Evening Program

  • 7.00 pm evening meal for all The Gathering participants
  • 8.30 to 9.30 Healing Circle will be available for those who feel material has arisen for them during the day that needs to be addressed.


  • Retreat program runs from 9.00 am to 3 pm
  • 12 noon checkout of accommodation rooms

The Gathering Retreat Venue – Shara Sanctuary & Retreat

The Gathering Event will be the inaugural workshop to be held at the newly created Shara Sanctuary & Retreat which opens in mid Sept 2011.

Shara Sanctuary & Retreat offers a place of peace and tranquillity, away from the demands of everyday life, allowing you time to relax, re-energise and reconnect with yourself in a safe and nurturing environment.  Located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, the property sits on 4.3 acres overlooking the McLaren Flat vineyards.

Shara Sanctuary & Retreat offers luxury accommodation, gift shop, new-age library, infra-red sauna, and solar heated swimming pool with waterfall.


We are booking the entire Shara Sanctuary & Retreat for The Gathering Retreat.  If booking a room you will be delighted with the retreats facilities whilst enjoying the luxurious accommodation.  You will need to provide your own evening meal on Friday night or it can be pre- organized at the retreat for an additional charge.  There are numerous eating venues in the area or you could choose to cook your own in the chefs gourmet kitchen at the Shara Sanctuary & Retreat.

The Gathering Retreat participants may choose to book accommodation at the Shara Sanctuary & Retreat itself, or there are a number of other accommodation venues in the region.  I will be staying at the Shara Sanctuary & Retreat, so it will be great to share this beautiful venue with you. Please be aware that there are only 9 shared accommodation spaces available at the retreat so be quick to avoid disappointment. The following is a list of luxury rooms reserved for participants. (all prices are inclusive of GST).  Accommodation cost also includes breakfast on Saturday and Sunday Morning.

Golden Orb Suite (3 share)

  • 1 King + 1 single, private ensuite
  • $245 oer night single occupancy
  • $120 per person per night double occupancy
  • $85 per person per night triple occupancy

Hummingbird Suite (2 share)

  • 1 double bed with private ensuite
  • $225 per person per night single occupancy
  • $110 per person per night double occupancy

Bougainvillea Suite (2 share)

  • 1 queen bed, shared ensuite with Freesia Suite
  • private verandah overlooking the vineyard and swimming pool
  • $210 per person per night single occupancy
  • $110 per person per night double occupancy

Freesia Suite (2 share)

  • 1 queen bed, shared ensuite with Freesia Suite
  • private verandah overlooking the vineyard and swimming pool
  • $210 per person per night single occupancy
  • $110 per person per night double occupancy

Check in time is from 2pm on Friday and checkout 12 noon on Sunday. So if you can, come early and enjoy the beautiful venue and retreat facilities before The Gathering Retreat program begins.

All guests have full use of the Retreats facilities as discussed above.

Morning and afternoon tea on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday lunch and Saturday night dinner are included in your retreat fees.

It is highly recommended that you choose to stay in the area during The Gathering Retreat, (Fri and Sat nights) either at the Shara Sanctuary & Retreat if you get in first or other accommodation venues in the region.  If this is not possible, you can choose to attend The Gathering Retreat during the day 9.00 am – 9.30 pm Saturday and 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Sunday.

Accommodation bookings are to be made directly through Shamarie’s Body and Mind Therapies. To make a booking a 50% deposit is required, and the balance is payable by Friday 28th October.

Please note: as we are booking the entire Retreat facilities for this intimate workshop, refunds are not available on any accommodation bookings (unless we are able to re-book your room to another participant, in which case a full refund would be given less a small administration charge).  After payment of your deposit to reserve your room, the balance is then due and payable by Friday 28th October 2011 at the very latest. Many thanks for honouring our terms & conditions.

May 2011 Newsletter

Hi, everyone.  I think I have already missed two months of newsletters, but I am back on track.  To make up for the missing newsletters this one will be longer and jammed pack with some useful information to help you keep on the wellness track!

Some of you may be aware that I visited Bali again in March, mainly to secure wholesalers for Soul Alchemy, but also to experience healing Bali style.  I experienced the healing energies of three different healers, all with very different styles.  One was very connected to animal energies and hence used this in his healing practices.  We had an interesting time of sharing knowledge afterwards as there were things I knew that he didn’t and vice versa.

The second healer was a women who in her own words specialized in “Black Magic” which meant the removal of negativity within an individual.  This woman brought new meaning to the concept of no pain no gain.  From her I learnt that in Bali there are many healers and psychics and they all have their own specialty.  Almost like in the medical world if you have a broken bone there’s no point in going to the skin specialist.

The third healer was my favourite and was most willing to share and was equally open to my innate wisdom as well.  I intend to go back to spend some time with him at a later date.  Jero had sufficient command of his consciousness that he could run a knife over his arm and not cut it.  He demonstrated the technique on me with a needle! It is really disconcerting watching something like that when part of you knows it is possible and another part doesn’t believe that it is.

I have also started my training to be an Art Therapist a couple of weeks ago.  Part of my homework is to practice via facilitation for others what I have learnt.  So I am running a day seminar in a few weeks time.  Please see the detail further on in the newsletter.

The other exciting thing that has happened that some of your already know is that after 15 years of practice I have finally repainted and re-decorated my treatment room.  It has completely changed the feel of the room and in my opinion it is simply stunning.  So far most of you agree!

 Magnetic Fields

In my February newsletter I briefly mentioned the electro-magnetic detox I had been through after I started sleeping on a Nikken Sleep System.  I highly recommend that everyone invest in one of these especially if you, like most people, spend most of your time surrounded by the electromagnetic fields of modern technology.

I thought I would give you some of the “science” behind magnetic therapy and how it can be of benefit to you.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted by M.I Weintraub and others demonstrated that over a 6 months period pain relief was achieved with those individuals suffering from Symptomatic Diabetic Neuropathy (nerve pain). The magnetic product used for this study was produced by Nikken.

The Earth has power and has its own unique frequency.  It isn’t some sort of new age or spiritual lingo, but a scientific fact. The Earth vibrates at 7.83 hertz or cycles per second, or should I say the Earth’s atmosphere, between its crust and the ionsphere, has a basic frequency of 7.83 hertz.  The Schumann Resonance is the name of the resonance frequency between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere.  There is a direct correlation between our mental, emotional and physical health and the Schumann Resonance.  Scientist discovered all of these correlations by sending living creatures, including humans, into space.  The Nikken Sleep System is designed to mimic the earth energy field and thereby counteract exposure to the dangerous electromagnetic fields we are exposed to from all of our modern technology.

Magnetic therapy is not a new phenomena, thousands of studies have shown the effectiveness and safety of magnetics, however there is no clear cut understanding how they work so no medical claim can be made.  However, what can be said is that even though it is not know how exactly they work, it is know that they put the body in an environment which catalyses the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

The Nikken Sleep system which consists of a mattress topper, a Far Infrared fiber with magnetics quilt to optimize body temperature and a pillow which also contains magnets.  Sleeping within a Nikken sleep system is like stepping into a rejuvenating, safe and relaxing cocoon.  I have a demo model which some of you have already tried.  Everyone feels the effect straight away and are usually reluctant to leave.  The Nikken Sleep System will put you in longer periods of REM sleep.  Many people have found that they finally get a good night rest and their ongoing problems with irritability and fatigue are resolved in a remarkable short time.

REM sleep renews the mind.  REM sleep plays a key role in learning and memory. During REM sleep, your brain consolidates and processes the information you’ve learned during the day, forms neural connections that strengthen memory, and replenishes its supply of neurotransmitters, including feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that boost your mood during the day.

The effects of sleep deprivation and chronic lack of sleep and/or poor quality sleep

  • Fatigue, lethargy, and lack of motivation
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Reduced creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Inability to cope with stress
  • Reduced immunity; frequent colds and infections
  • Concentration and memory problems
  • Weight gain
  • Impaired motor skills and increased risk of accidents
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems

 If you would like to experience the Nikken Sleep System please let me know and we can organize a time at either Blackwood or Gawler.   If you have you  able you can  also call into Optimum Health at Payneham this Saturday at 2.00 pm and you will be able to trial the sleep system there also.  Please let me know if you wish to attend as space is limited at this venue.

Anyone who would like further information and/or is interested in purchasing a Nikken Sleep System please phone.  The sleep system is a very positive and non-invasive and non time consuming thing you can do to significantly improve your health!

Discovering  Yourself Through Art

 Please come and join me in a day of fun!  The purpose of this day seminar is to create a Self Box, which is a representation of the many facets of yourself.  You do not need to have any artistic skills. As long as you can use scissors, glue and paint you can attend and will get benefit out of the seminar.  This is one of the processes I was taught at my first training and it is a fun and enlightening way of viewing and discovering yourself.

What you will need to bring are: pictures from magazines, ribbons, wrapping paper, wool, foil, decals, buttons, material, beads etc  that you are drawn to over the weeks leading up to the seminar.  You do not have to bring all of these things, but if you like them and are drawn to them bring them.  You will also need a shoe box or a box of a similar size. It doesn’t have to be a rectangle.  Please also bring a lunch platter to share.  If you have spare magazines that can be cut up also bring them along.  Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Date & Time:  Sunday 29th of May,  at 9.30am to 5.00pm

Venue:  Blackwood, Shamarie’s Place

Cost: $50

There are only 5 spaces available so if you want to attend let me know as soon as possible.  If it happens to turn out that Saturday suits better for the majority I can change the day to the 28th.  For those of you in the Gawler area who would like to attend you are most welcome.  I hope to be able to offer the same seminar  at Gawler as soon as I find a venue.

Up and coming Possibilities in the next little while, call for expression of interest!

 Reiki 1 and 2

 Meditation at Blackwood starting again on Wednesday nights at 7.00 p.m. for 8.30 finish

 Meditation at Gawler we have space for two extras on Monday nights at 8.15 for 9.30 pm finish

 Self Box Seminar at Gawler

 Colour Therapy at Gawler

  Thought for the Month…..

Do you know what your core inner truths and beliefs are?  All of our reality animates from our core.  It is our core that dictates what is true for us and what it not, what we experience in our lives and what possibilities are open to us.

Our core does not just consist of truths from this life time, it also includes soul or spiritual beliefs that we hold dear and sacred.  But consider for a moment how do these same spiritual truths about god, the universe and existence limit you expansion and potential?

February Newsletter 2011

Welcome to the February Newsletter, and thank for taking the time to read it!

It has been my intention for many years to have a monthly newsletter.  This intention up to now has never materialized.  I know that we are nearly through February, but I am determined to fulfill my intention this year.  So given that I am going to send you an email once per month, if there are any topics that people would like me to cover please let me know.

Early this month I re-sat my Hypnotherapy training to fulfill my professional update hours.  It was great to be able to finally complete this in SA.  Over the last 3 years I have had to go interstate to do my professional update hours as up until July 2010 it has been illegal for me to practice as a hypnotherapist.  Though it was okay to say that I did trance work, just wasn’t allowed to use hypnotherapy……such is politics.

Hypnosis is not the only word that has become “owned” by a select section of our community.  The word allergy is now a contra ban word unless you are a medical immunologist and you have had medical pathology tests to qualify the use of the word.  The rest of us now have to use the words sensitivities or intolerances.  Anyway I digress!

So now that I can come out of the closet I can advertise myself as a hypnotherapist.  So for those of you who didn’t already know I can help you stop smoking in one easy session, teach you to put yourself into a trance for relaxation, work with you for weightloss and associated eating issues.  And of course there is Past Life Regression.

There is lots of misinformation regarding hypnosis in the community, and stage hypnotists certainly don’t help with all those people acting like chickens!  But essentially if you wouldn’t act like a chicken when you were drunk, you wont act like a chicken whilst you are in trance!  My personal experience from being in trance and working with people who are in trance, is that you cannot be forced to give away your deepest secrets, nor will you act like a chicken if you don’t want to, and in fact if you were asked to do something that was not ethically or morally acceptable to you, you simply would bring yourself out of trance.  The other major misconception regarding the trance state is that you will not hear anything whilst you are in trance and you will not remember anything.   This particular natural trance state is often observed in teenagers and spouses and others who engage in selective listening, but for most people it doesn’t always happen in an induced trance state!

Trance is a very normal, natural state that we enter into every day without thinking about it; driving to work and not remembering how you got there, watching a movie and getting emotionally involved, when we complete the multitude of automatic behaviours we perform every day.  The difference with hypnosis is that you allow another to consciously help you go into that state for a specific purpose.

Hypnosis is very effective because it engages the subconscious mind and thereby helps you change the patterns and habits that are within this part of your consciousness.  I still prefer the Biosenetics process for general personal development and healing.  Hypnosis is handy when you want to target a very specific habit. 

Products Review

 Nikken Magnetic Products

Late last year I revisited the Nikken range of products which I initially looked at 10 years ago.  On the recommendation of a fellow practitioner who had been getting excellent results with herself and her clients I decided to trial the Nikken Sleep System.  My magnetic mattress topper, pillow and FAR-Infrared/magnetic quilt cover duly arrived in the first week of January.  Since them I have been sleeping with in a magnetic field that is designed to closely mimic the natural magnetic flow of the earth.  The FAR-Infrared fibers in the quilt cover provide optimal body temperature.  My initial experience was a little rocky and surprising as I went through an electromagnetic detox which caused me to feel quite unwell and extremely tired for 4-5 days.  The morning that I woke up when my body was done rebalancing itself I felt fantastic.  I have noticed that I feel more refreshed in the morning and I tend to be less physically tired during the day.  As an added bonus I have lost some weight which I wasn’t actually trying to do.  The other bonus is that I find that I am not so susceptible to the environmental energies around be they man made or human

Over the next month or so I hope to get the trial version of the sleep system so that you can try it out in the clinic for 20 minutes.  It truly is a wonderful, nurturing feeling to slip into the sleep system even if it is only for 10 minutes. 

Additionally, Nikken produce magnetic innersoles and a variety of other magnetic products of which I have the Body Energizer, water filter, and chair pad.  If you would like to have a test drive of any of these please let me know when you next see me or ring me to make a time.  The magnetic innersoles allow you to keep on going and going like the energizer bunny.  Additionally, for those who are sensitive like me I find that they strengthen your personal magnetic field so that you are not as effected by those around you.

Transfer Factors

Like Nikken products Transfer Factors have been around for many years and I have know about them but not felt the need to investigate them before.  Transfer Factors was one of the things that I gave to Dexter my male pug when he was gravely ill last year.  So my re-acquaintance with Transfer Factors was timely and enlightening.  What I noticed with Dexter was that within 20 minutes of having his dose his eyes would brighten and he would get increased energy.  Even though they were not the only treatment that Dexter was having, I truly believe without them he probably would not still be with me today. 

So what are Transfer Factors?  We all receive a dose of transfer factors from our mother’s milk.  The purpose of transfer factors is to educate the immune system.  Transfer factors are smart molecules that are constantly learning and passing on information to cells of the immune system.  Thereby enabling the immune system to recognize threats, respond to threats and remember foreign invaders.  There is an enormous amount of research and information available on the net regarding Transfer Factors so I am not going into heaps of details here.  But I can provide it for you if wish, just let me know.  Transfer Factors can help you maintain your immune system in an optimum state and can be taken as a prophylactic on a regular basis.

Bean 1

Bean 1 is a product that I have had available for some time.  It’s primary purpose is to block absorption of carbohydrates from your diet.  Obviously it does not remove all but enough to make a difference when you are having a carbohydrate rich meal.  One client who has an apple shape (weight primarily around her middle)  found that she was putting on weight since becoming per-menopausal.  She has delighted with the result as she has lost all of the excess midriff fat without changing her diet significantly.  She was of course eating a relatively healthy and balance diet.

Short Notice –  Psychic Tea Party on Sunday 27th of February

The Psychic Tea Party starts at 10.30 am with a Pendulum Workshop and the readings with Skyla start at 11.15 am and at 1.30 a workshop on Smudging and other techniques for keeping your personal space clear of negative energies.  Skyla’s last reading will be at 4.30 pm

You can come along and have a personal  half hour reading by Skyla.  Alternatively you could have your aura reproduced in living colour with an accompanying 22 page report or have your energy reproduced in beautiful pastels by Shamarie accompanied by an insightful commentary of the meaning of the colours.

Or you could have all three!

We will also have available for purchase a selection of crystal and sterling silvery jewellery, crystals, smudge sticks etc.


If you have a reading the cost is $60  and you can attend either of the workshops for free

If you have a reading and also want an aura image the total cost is $100

If you have a reading and also want your energy drawn in pastels, plus an aura image with a 20 page report the cost will be $130

Aura Imaging and Report $50

Your energy drawn in pastels $50

Aura Imaging, Report and your energy pastel together $90

Attendance at a workshop  $20 per workshop

Tea and coffee and finger food provided

At the time of this post there were two spots left to have a psychic reading, one is at 2.00 pm and the other is at 2.30 pm.

With a bit more notice – March 5th at 10.00 am a Nikken information morning at Payneham.  If you would like to attend this or want more information please contact me as soon as possible as numbers  are strictly limited at this event.