Living in a World Beyond Antibiotics and Religion

I am sure that you wondering about the meaning of the the title of this blog – Living in a World Beyond Antibiotics and Religion.  You are also probably curious to know why I have linked the two together.  So let me briefly explain the correlations.  Antibiotics have been one of the underpinning concepts and drugs of modern medicine.  When penicillin was discovered it was based upon a particular theory about our cells and how to treat them when they become infected with bacteria.  Infection control has been one of the biggest discoveries in modern times.  We have been living in a golden era of infection control since 1930.  Antibiotics have been seen by many as the cure all saviour, however the power of the savior is fading and becoming compromised by antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.  I will discuss more about life after antibiotics below.

However,  if you are still wondering about the correlation between antibiotics and religion let me give you a few more clues.  Religion informs you how to save your soul and antibiotics are what you resort to, to save your physical life.  Just as the power, influence and effectiveness of antibiotics is waning, it is also true for our established Christian religion.  The questions I pose in my article below is it time for finding new ways to save one’s soul?  This of course is a very touchy subject for many people, countless wars have been fought on the basis of religion and a plethora of ideologies have been created on the basis who is right and who is not about the life and times of Jesus.

It is not my intention to offend anyone but only to explore the possibilities of away of moving forward. Perhaps in my own small way offering different ways of exploring and interrelating with what we call the divine which is within each and every one of use.

In the end it doesn’t matter where you find dogma be it scientific or religious. Dogma becomes a sacred cow and whilst it is useful for awhile in the end it causes limitations and other unintended side effects.

Living in a Post Antibiotic World – Pt 1

At the moment many medical experts are warning that “Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances”.  The fear is that these superbugs represent one of the gravest threats in the history of medicine.  Essentially without antibiotics we will not be able to manage life threatening infections, many will survive their surgery or accident only to die later from baterial infections.

A new class of antibiotics has not been developed since 1987 and since that time our bugs have been evolving.  Medicine is now having to turn on it’s head in that once it’s strength was that for every ill there was a pill now this is no longer the case.  In actual fact this practice has caused superbugs.    Unfortunately antibiotics are not just been used excessively for human ills they are also extensively used in vast quantities in agriculture, fisheries and by vets.  Our environment is now flooded with antibiotics the same as oestrogens.  We are all passively exposed to antibiotics in the food we eat,  the air we breath and the water we drink.

As Professor Otto Cars of Uppsala University in Sweden has said “antibiotic resistance is a complex ecological problem which doesn’t just effect people, but is also intimately connected with agriculture and the environment.

So what action can we as individuals take?  Understand that the concept of a pill for every ill is not valid.  Take steps to keep ourselves health by doing our best to get adequate rest, eat nutritious foods and drink clean water.  In Australia most of these things are possible for most people.  When we actually need antibiotics take then as prescribed.  Coupled with this also take a herbal AntibioBotanical. There is research that indicates that Pharmaceutical antibiotics kill most but not all bacteria leaving a small amount antibiotic resistant the herbal antibiobotanical that I can prescribe supports full elimination of bacteria and fungi.  Couple with this try to treat infections before they become full blown and leave antibiotics your only option.  The same Antibiobotanical is a good first option for minor infections.

If you would like more information about the AntibioBotanical please let me know as it seems a sensible inclusion into your medicine chest.

For the world to change it requires each and everyone of us to take personal responsibility for the change.  We cannot leave it up to big brother, the politicians or the doctors or even to a higher power. Which leads nicely into my next topic – Living in a World Beyond Religion

Science has changed it’s mind yet again!

Serveral years ago, 2002 to be precise, we were told  HRT was dangerous and that no woman should be taking it.   As a natural therapist this news did not surprise me.  It’s not rocket science, if you put an un-natural substance into your body to block a natural process, then there is going to be some sort of side effects.   Now in 2009 according to Choice Magazine the research was wrong and it’s all okay again.  What’s more Choice has pronounced that natural remedies are no better than placebo.  In scientific circles placebo is a dirty word and implies that the substance is useless and of no value. 

Can we really trust this change of heart?  Can we really trust the placebo pronouncement from a system that keeps changing it’s mind?  Perhaps scientific research is not all that it’s cracked up to be!

Think about it for a minute, today your partner tells you I love you, tomorrow he/she has changed their mind and then a couple of months later he/she loves you again………..can you trust this person?  The answer would be no.  Yet we are expected to swallow and accept constantly changing “truths” and evidence from the scientific community.  What’s more if all of this was all happening in a court of law, constant changing of truth would be viewed very dimly indeed…………I think they call it purgery!

I believe that most scientists want to search for the truth and are constantly seeking to understand the truth of things, but when money becomes involved there are lots of vested interests that skew the research outcomes.  Besides that who said that the current research methods are absolute and infallible?  That’s  a bit  like saying that something is true just because it is written in a book.

Even  Choice Magazine contradicts themselves.  In the “In Brief” box they state that “of the alternatives to HRT, Black cohosh appears to be the most effective option”  yet later they dismiss black cohosh as being not much better than placebo.

The following is an exert from my January 2009 newsletter:

“Did you know that  Randomised Controlled Trials (RTC) and particularly the randomised placebo controlled double blind trial was originally developed to trial new pharmaceutical products?  Therefore the methodology of the trials were very particular in terms of isolating one substance and its effects.  They were never designed for complex substances.  Yet the RPCDBT is considered the gold standard for validation of the therapeutic effect of complex substances and therapies as are used in Complimentary Medicine.

It is therefore no surprise when medical researches say that there is no supportative evidence for Complementary Medicine”

One good point made by Choice Magazine is that trials conducted in China are desiged to assess the effectiveness of traditional herbs are very different.  The approach is to assess individual responses to herbal formulations that are uniquely prescribed for the individual rather than isolated substances that are expected to suit everyone.  May be one day western clinical trials will be designed that are able to measure the effectiveness of the complex medicines of natural therapies.  In the mean time I guess they will keep trying to put a round peg into a square hole.   Only problem with that is that they keep making out that the round peg has a problem.

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