What does 2014 have in store?

Happy New Year to you!  In this newsletter you will find my annual insight into the emotional influences behind the coming year.  For those of you who are new to my newsletter list and have not read one of these before, here is a little bit of background.  To arrive at the numerological and colour influences I am using the Aura-Soma equilibrium bottles as my basis. I find the equilibrium bottles very accurate in terms of soul evolution, I have been using them with my clients for many years.

The Soul Essence of 2014

New Year’s Eve has been and gone and it was an especially potent New Year’s Eve as it was also a new moon.  This is the time of the year when we traditionally make New Year resolutions and set our intention and goals for 2014.  Now as we move into 2014 many have had to face the disappointment that 2012 was not the change they expected and hoped for.  2012 with its sum of 5 meant that we were faced with many of our underlying emotional issues that needed to be resolved and healed.  2014 is going to give us another major hit of this energy with the added influence of the energy of the test of faith.  Many are already starting to feel this energy as they experience the feelings of; why bother, nothing works anyway, resulting in a complete loss of faith and spiritual spark.  So Let’s see what 2014 has in store for us emotionally and spiritually.

bottle 20Even though I have discussed Bottle 20 before as it is the backdrop of our current century , let’s do a recap for the New Year. The Aura-Soma bottle 20 is Blue over Pink, this bottle is called the Star Child/Child Rescue. Its primary impetus is the communication of unconditional love, which of course can only be extended out to others when we have first reached that state within ourselves.  Bottle 20 helps us find the child within, and heal that child.  Our child self is very important as it is the foundation of our current life ego and our ego is the child of our spiritual self.  There is so much emphasis in our society on mental health but it would be better called emotional health as it is our emotions that rule us when we are out of balance.   Emotional maturity is not reached by suppression of our emotions but mastery of them and in so doing becoming independent of the opinions and approvals of others. With emotional maturity comes awareness and responsibility. There are many different levels of mental intellect which means we often cannot relate to someone intellectually, however through our emotion and feelings we have equal capacity to relate with everyone.

Bottle 220 can be broken down to 2, which is Bottle 2 blue over blue – peace on every level. The only way I know to create peace on planet earth is for each and every one of us to find peace within ourselves.  We all need to find the love an acceptance that comes from within.  Unfortunately we are taught from the time we leave the womb that we must seek love outside of ourselves. When we cannot find a satisfactory source many turn to drugs, prescribed or “recreational”, alcohol or the endless pursuit of things and people to make us happy.   For our hopes and dreams of a new world of peace to manifest we must manifest peace from within first.  We need to stop acting like emotional children waiting for the parent or another authority to make it alright for us.

Bottle 2 also embodies the energy of our struggle with authority.  Our first authorities were our parents.  If you have problems with authority, your unconscious mind will reproduce this experience in many different areas of your life.  We cannot have peace whilst we are still struggling with corrupt authorities or uncaring institutions. The secret is to understand that we cannot change them from the outside; we must change them from within each and every one of us.  Peace on every level means within all the layers of our mind, body and soul.  Bottle 2 challenges us to become our own inner authority, which does not mean that we never listen to others or that we believe that we know everything.  Our inner authority is primarily for us and us alone, it should not be used to enslave others to our ways. A balanced inner authority naturally acknowledges and respects the inner authority of others.  An inner authority that suggests or demands dominion over others is corrupt. It is an honour and a privilege to have others listen to your inner wisdom and guidance not a right bestowed by virtue of social role, gender or age.

Bottle16The final influence hidden within Bottle 20 is Bottle 16 violet over violet.  Violet is obtained when you shake Bottle 20 and the pink and blue mix together producing violet.  Violet has always been associated with positions of power and authority traditionally because the colour was expensive to produce.  Bottle 16 is called the violet robe because it can hide a multitude of “sins”, alluding to the fact that those in power and authority are not necessarily always those who act from a balanced position.  A position of authority can become a vehicle of self service rather than service to the greater community as well as oneself.  In order for each individual to awaken to their own authority they must find their true self, which is beyond the emotional wounding they carry.  The energy information to completely review who you are and what is right for you are contained in violet over violet.   Violet is also the balance between heaven and earth and all should be very mindful of giving up worldly authority to only take on another authority in the form of spiritual guides etc.  In the end you must be your own authority, everything and everyone else is just information upon which to base your own choices.  With personal choice comes responsibility and accountability.  16 adds to 7 which is the sum total of 2014 so I will discuss bottle 7 further on.

bottle21The frequency of bottle 20, 2, 16/7 are the obvious everyday usage backbone of the 21st century.  So the frequency of 21 is kind of hidden.  So let’s have a look at the hidden energy of bottle 21 also.  Bottle 21 is green over pink and the bottle contains the energy needed to create a new space and a new direction coming from a place of love.  The challenges of bottle 21 are being resistant to change and being caught up in one’s own pride a vanity.  As a whole our society is enamoured with our technological advances and our collective pride in our ‘man-made’ structures and we are often unwilling to see the cost of these advances.  Very little of our human action and communication comes from a place of true love of Self let along another.  Coming from a place of love does not exclude anyone or anything whether it is natural or man-made.

 aura-soma bottle3Bottle 21 adds to 3.  Bottle 3 is blue over green.  In bottle 21 the green is in the top fraction.  Any colour in the top fraction is more focused on the conscious self or the ego.  The same colour in the lower fraction has the same essence except it is aimed at the unconscious self.  These two bottles combined together are calling us to create a space of love and new beginnings not only in our outer reality but also in our inner reality.  Bottle 3 is called the Atlantean heart bottle.  This bottle sums up the spiritual tasks of our current age.  Clean up our wounds from our mythical past – Atlantis.  Atlantis was a place of great intellectual advances but emotional immaturity caused us to lose connection with our environment and each other.  We must understand that it is not enough to connect intellectually and technologically we must also connect emotionally.  It is through our emotional connection that we truly understand the effect we have on others and our environment.

We are about to step into our 15th year of the 21st Century, you will need to judge for yourselves how well we are doing so far with the energies of 20 and 21.

bottle14Okay so let’s look at the new energy that 14 brings into the mix.  Bottle 14 is clear over gold and contains the energies required to find wisdom in a New Age.  For me this means there needs to be an evolvement of the Egoic Self, the part of us that says I am this and that and that I know who I am.  In order for us to move into a New Age it will be necessary for us to let go of the concepts that we have of ourselves in the current age.  Once again it is our scars and wounds that cause us to identify with certain life circumstances and particular truths about ourselves and the world that we live in.

In order for our society to change we must change – our wisdom must change.  Our ego likes to think it knows what truth is, but until we can examine what we accept and hold dear to us as truth we will not change.  Much of our truth at the moment is what I call intellectual truth which arises from the yellow solar plexus.  It usually does not take in the whole picture, for example you may believe it to be true that modern medicine is that way of the future and therefore disregard any other forms of healing.  This part of us is very herd like in its thinking; it usually adopts the collective pervading truth.  The gold of bottle 14 is more than solar plexus truth, it is wisdom.  Wisdom is the application of truth from a broader perspective.  Wisdom would say that all forms of healing have value depending on the person and the circumstances.  There are two reasons why we generally cling to a particular truth – our emotional investment and two mental laziness; we just accept what other tell us without any personal thought and mental exploration. I don’t remember who said this but it is a quote that goes something like this– “there is no such thing as ultimate truth.  So choose your truths carefully and if they do not serve you ditch them for ones that do”

During 2014 we will be called to examine our own personal and collective truth.  Not only what we consider to be true about the outer world but also the truth about ourselves.  It is no longer good enough to accept handed down truth; we must examine and come to our own conclusions.  Changing our truth can be a life changing experience.  Changing our truth is also a very spiritual experience.  Many years ago I had an experience that changed how the child within me saw herself.  I was learning hypnosis at the time and the words of one of the scripts was “the truth is, there is nothing wrong with you, there never was”  I instantly brought myself out of trance and said to the trainer “well then you had better tell my mother that”

Bottle5Bottle 14 adds to 5, Bottle 5 is yellow over red and it is called the Sunset and Sunrise bottle.  Bottle 5 is a very complex bottle on which I could write pages as 5 is one of my major life influences.  In a nutshell bottle 5 concerns sorting out your emotional wounds, letting the sun go down on them and the sun can come up on a new day with greater clarity and wisdom.  The other challenge of bottle 5 is to use your energies wisely.  In other words, just because you can, doesn’t mean that you necessarily should.   Bottle 5 gives you the energy to overcome difficult past situations and move on, to synthesize new wisdom that has been born out of the half truths and pain of the past.  The energies of bottle 5 help you develop emotional “muscle” and maturity.

Aura-Soma bottle 7When you add up 2014 you get Bottle 7 yellow over green.  This bottle is called the Garden of Gethsemene and its primary essence is the test of faith.  Can you let go and trust the process of life?  Bottle 7 asks you – can you make wise decisions about your life? Can you find your purposeful direction? and mostly do you have faith in yourself?  In order to make appropriate decision we must learn from the decisions that we have already made.  If we do not, we will keep making the same mistakes over and over.  To learn from our mistakes and make different decision requires that we change the source energies that caused us to make the original decisions.

Many spiritually minded individuals have been working on themselves, healing their wounds, taking action, changing their thinking and beliefs.  Unfortunately on many occasion the results have often been uninspiring.  Many have felt disenchanted with the whole self development process as it has often left them feeling as though they are still stuck in the energy of powerlessness.

Over the last 20 years I have experience many different forms of personal development and observed the effects on myself and others.  Most systems tend to target a particular aspect of consciousness and leave other aspects untouched.  The primary motivation and basis of all of these systems is that we are the creator of our life circumstances.  This axiom seems to be true for a few and totally not true for the majority.  I personally do not understand why this is so, but I do know that it is not necessarily to do with the individual healing system or the practitioner.  One reason could be that whilst we are seeking to be the one and only power in exclusion to the process and flow of life we are missing an essential wisdom.   Are we so caught up in ‘I am the source of all creation in my life’ that we don’t see what else is going on? Therefore we can become caught up in an endless cycle of self-examination and often self-recrimination? The scary part is of course, if we are not the source of our own creation then we are powerless after all.  The next question is “if we are not the creator of our own lives, then who or what the hell is?”  I am sure that most of you know the most enduring standard answer to this question.  But is this just an old truth that no longer serves us. In some ways it is a belief in a higher power that is bigger and stronger than us that allow the type of institutions that we currently have in our society.  It is this same believe that also causes us to take no action ourselves, preferring to leave it to someone else to fix.

Those who have been disenfranchised, depowered, demeaned and demoralized have sort to find personal power so that they never have to experience these feelings again. In fact it is those who have suffered the most who tend to walk the personal development or spiritual path.  Individual personal power seems like a nice way to take charge of what previously seemed so out of our control.

Perhaps part of the answer for 2014 is yes you are a powerful creator, but you are a co-creator that participates with many other co-creators and that individual power is bound up in collective power.  Humanity has been through some developmental steps; symbiosis, dependency, co-dependency and independence.  It is now time to take the next step which is inter-dependence.

It is likely that many will find their personal power in 2014 only to lose it again as it will not be as they thought it would be.  Some are already experiencing this and are quietly rocking in the corner because they do not know what else to so. This experience will cause a crisis in faith and a loss of motivation and joy for life as it is likely to require you to give up all that you thought to be true. Therefore, when you hit this spot it is time to examine what you consider to be true and decide whether it still serves you?  Or to put it another way – a Buddhist saying is; that when you get to the other side of the river you need to let go of the boat that got your there.

2014 is going to be an interesting year. So as you strive to make and uphold your New Year’s goals and intentions for 2014 consider; are you doing what you have always done and is it working?  But mostly are your resolutions, goals and intentions coming from a place of love.

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