The Soul of July 2013

As I sit and write I am listening to the rain on my iron roof as I gaze out the window into the beautiful white misty fog.  It is certainly a winter day today in the Adelaide hills.  Since the Winter Solstice last month we are now moving into a more expanding cycle as the days become longer once more.

The numbers for July 2013 are 7 plus 20/2 plus 13/4 added together we get a total of 13/4.   The intensity of bottle 6 red over red from last month has gone.  I saw many people have complete mental or emotional melt downs last month as they hit a wall of stuckness and frustration.  This month is going to be a little more gentle, but no less challenging.

Bottle 7Bottle 7 yellow over green is called the Garden of Gethsemene.  This bottle is a challenging combination because it is a test of faith.  Not a test of faith in a god or goddess but a test of faith in yourself and how much trust you can put in the process of life.  It has been my experience that those who have this number in their birth numbers are always testing themselves.  Once they have passed one experience they will create even greater challenges to see if they can endure and pass the next one.  These individuals indeed make life hard for themselves and put themselves through challenges that were not strictly necessary.  The message for July is perhaps to allow life to unfold naturally and organically.  There is no need for us to add embellishments or keep moving the goal posts.  Have faith and trust in yourself that no matter what life brings your way you will be okay, you will prevail even if the experience is unpleasant.  Be cautious of unnecessary tests and challenges that you or others set for you.  All in life is not necessarily learning in the way we think.  Sometimes some things keep happening because we have to learn something from the process, sometimes the lesson is just to say “I don’t need to keep doing this challenge over and over”.  There is no longer anything to be learnt except to say no.  It is only our deep internal wisdom that will actually know which action is required.

So last month there was lots of kicking and screaming I don’t want to do this.  During July take a step back, be still and try to ascertain what is really going on.  Allow yourself to connect with and see the bigger picture and your role in it.

bottle4Bottle 4 yellow over gold is called the Sun Bottle.  Bottle 4 played a role last month also as it will every month this year because of the 13/4 in 2013.  What is significant this month is that 13/4 is a double influence this month, once from the year and once for the total.  Like bottle 7 it has yellow in the top fraction so you will be called to face your fears and allow them to be transformed into joy.  So look to your deepest fears, check out what is really going on, learn from the experience and turn the experience into the gold of wisdom.

Within Australia and also in the USA at the moment there seems to be a political and legislative backlash against women and feminine rights.  Unless we really look at what is going on and take action rather than re-act we may find ourselves back in a period very similar to the time before feminine awakening.  As a consequence having to do the same things over again.  Perhaps we all collectively need to look at where we are at the moment and make the necessary changes fearlessly and courageously.  Sometimes the change required is to get out of our own inertia and indifference and say NO.  Let go of the fear of the process of change, but at the same time making sure that the change is not a backward step.

It really is up to each and every one of us whether the sun gets to shine equally on everyone or not.  The pursuit of the false sun in the form of gold and power over others is the challenge for us all to tackle individually and collectively.

Have an enlightening month every one, let your sun be the gold of your personal wisdom.  If your sun is less than bright at the moment perhaps it is time to remove some of the emotional clouds.

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