The Soul of June 2013

June the first month of winter; the days are becoming longer, colder and darker.  Winter is often a time of curling up and staying inside both physically and spiritually.  Consequently winter can be a time of introversion, a time for planning for future action when spring returns.  So let see what’s in store this June.

The numbers for June 2013 are 6 plus 20/2 plus 13/4 added together we get 12/3.  This Month is going to be interesting for many.  You may recall from the Soul of May 2013 I discussed how many were waking up and realising that their relationships were less than fulfilling and in some cases quite abusive.  June takes you even further along the journey of deciding whether to say or not.

bottle6June of course is Aura-Soma bottle 6, red over red.  Red is the colour of physical vitality, the capacity to get up and go.  It is red that gives us the energy to bring about change, take action.  However, in Aura-Soma red is a combination of yellow and orange.  Orange helps us to bring ourselves together emotionally, follow our passion and experience emotional satisfaction from our physical efforts.  Yellow is the colour of joy, the Ah Ha of life’s spiritual awareness.  The opposite traits are inaction, feeling stuck, unable to move, riveted to the spot by fear and certainly no passion or love for what it is that you do.  Unfortunately the shorter and darker days and colder weather tend to bring out the negatives of red.  Ever since May’s full moon feeling stuck, unable to move is what I have noticed from many clients, even before we moved into the calendar month of June.

Whilst we all experience our personal trials of feeling stuck and unable to move on.  I feel that collectively many have reached the point of feeling disappointed that the much longed for and promised changes of 2013 have not materialized.  There is often a part in all of us that really doesn’t want to make the effort, do the work required to bring about change. Sometimes because we don’t believe we can.  We would rather someone else do it for us.  This is the emotionally immature child within which brings us to Bottle 3

Aura-Soma Bottle 3 energy healer australiaBottle 3 blue over green.  For those of you who have read my previous blogs you will know that one the challenge of bottle 3 is emotional maturity and the other challenge is finding your own space or being the master of your own space.  It is a sad but true fact that most individuals no matter their chronological age, their emotional age is around two.  In order to step out and bring about change in ourselves or in our lives we often need to stand alone, others do not always support our decisions.  We need to understand that we are no longer the small child dependent upon nurturance from our parents.  We have to have the courage of our convictions and fly the nest emotionally.  Whether you use the energy of red to propel you forward or remain stuck in inaction is up to you.

bottle4The other major influence in June is bottle 4 yellow over red.  In this bottle the yellow contained within the red is no longer hidden it is obvious for all to see.   When we face our hidden fears, the sun can finally return – Fear is transformed into joy.  The red in the bottom fraction of this bottle is the impulse and resources that we need to change our physical world to one that is pleasing to us.  When we are truly happy, then those around us also bask in our glory.

June is going to be an interesting month! It will be turning point for many and the sun will certainly return for these individuals. They will finally bask in the warmth of the new life situations they create and enjoy.  For others it will be more of feeling stuck and unable to move.  What are you going to choose?

As always when you are ready for help to move through your emotional blockages and step back into your own golden sun I am here to help.


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