January Newsletter

Welcome to 2013

The build up to the December 21 was palatable in the air.  I am still amazed to hear that there were those out there who truly believed that the literal end of the year was Nye.  We have definitely come to an end of an era.  I like many others have great hopes for the future of planet earth. I held a meditation here at Blackwood for those who were able to come.  Maria  held another meditation space for clients in the Riverland on the night of expected exact centre of the change. We trialled a hook-up via Skype to combine the two groups.  I understand it was a little more challenging for the Riverland group!

The change of an era is a bit like watching the sun go down.  The sun has actually been moving towards going down all day and hence when it actually goes down it is not always noticed.  Change has been happening on planet earth for the last few years as we move towards the exact turning point.  There has been evidence of an increased spiritual awareness in many and a crumbling of old power systems.  But we are not there yet.  It will take concerted effort on all of our behalves to bring about fundamental changes to the human social structures that currently exist.  The changing of the frequencies that the new era brings will make it easier for change to occur but it cannot force it.

The major reason for writing my book was to in my own small way contribute to movement of change away from the old fundamental structure of power over – victim and aggressor.  I would like Evolve Your Unconscious Mind 3D booksmallcropto thank everyone who has supported me by purchasing my book Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, the secret to shifting consciousness and changing your world.  The feedback that I have received so far has been very heart warming.

For those of you who would like a copy and cannot get to me, I believe you can now purchase it in most bookstores. It is also available at Soul Alchemy in Gawler and online at www.evolveyourunconsciousmind.com.  I will personally sign your copy when you come in for an appointment.

This year has been a very busy year for me with regards to publishing my book and being involved in all the behind the scene processes that needed to occur.  It has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone and hence 2012 has been a year of great personal growth.  The good thing is the more I grow the more I can help you grow also.  This is something that I think that you, my clients should also remember about yourselves.  As you take the journey of personal development you also enable those around you to grow.  This doesn’t mean that you or I do it for them but that it is hard for someone to remain in their old patterns when those around them no longer play by the same rules.  So from that point of view each and every one of you is playing your part in bringing about change in the world.

A few weeks ago I also completed my 2 year Initiatic Art Therapy Course.  I hope to be able to offer some Art Therapy Workshops in the near future.  Art Therapy is both enjoyable and challenging in process and profoundly life changing to boot. Whilst Art Therapy uses art materials such as paints, paper and more it is not actually about producing an artistic masterpiece.  Art Therapy allows people of all ages to engage in a healing process without the need for cognitive rumination.  Art Therapy engages the inner child and the consciousness of the physical body. The use of colour and artist materials allows us to engage the very deep recess of our being.

The last part of my course involved dealing with trauma, which I personally found very challenging.  However, it has a profound effect on me personally and how I deal with those of you who have also been locked into traumatic events.  It seems that you don’t have to have been involved in an accident or have gone to war to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  In actual fact I believe that PTSS is at the basis of most of our mental health issues.  For some of us we experience profound shock during our early years and quite often never really recover.­

At the moment I am currently re-constructing my website to make it more SEO compatable.  This is a major undertaking and is part of the work required by the individuals who are helping me with marketing my book and my healing services in general. I was hoping that the fresh new website would be uploaded before January 1st however, that has now been and gone so soon…..

coming up next the Soul of 2013

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