December 2012; End of an Era

I remember the year 2000 with all the hype as we turned over a new century. I also remember at this point thinking only 12 more years to 2012 and the end of an era for Planet Earth.   Back then 12 years away seemed a long time and yet here we now are.  December is also the last month in the Gregorian calendar and so it is the end of our year.  Yesterday on Face Book I saw a post on my feed; 12/12/12 the last time some of us currently alive will ever see a date with triple numbers.   So from many perspectives December 2012 is an ending.  In the continuum of life, endings are of course, also the stage before new beginnings, new opportunities and new energy.

So what does the energies of December 2012 have to offer us all as we go about preparing for year’s end.  December brings into focus the energy of 12 which adds to a three.  This energy has been the backdrop for the whole of 2012.  We will repeatedly experience intense three energy throughout the month of December.  We already had a hit on 3/12/12 (3/3/3) and we will experience this again on 12/12/12 (3/3/3); 21/12/12 (3/3/3) and on 30/12/12 (3/3/3).  Triple threes add to nine, the number of among other things “I am not listening. Talk to the hand”.  It is up to you whether you listen to yourself and what you are trying to tell yourself on these days or not.

bottle3In the Aura-Soma system bottle 3 is called the Atlantean and Heart Bottle.  Atlantean times are of course part of our mythical history.  Atlantis was the time period that marked the last time the Planet went through a change cycle.  For many spiritually inclined December is bringing up deeply held memories of the last time humanity went through a major transition. The energy of three takes us back to our roots not just our ancestral and spiritual roots but also our early childhood roots.  The problem for most in accessing this information is that it does not necessarily come as a vision or words or even an identifiable emotion.  Bottle 3 is the energy of feeling and emotions are just one of the things we can feel.  Most of our emotional patterns are based upon what we feel or don’t feel or more to the point once felt.  Many would rather not feel at all, others feel totally overwhelmed by what they feel.

In our intellectually focused world many believe facts or beliefs are the ultimate truth but the reality is – our feelings are ultimate truth for us.  Most of us have experienced the battle of dominance between their head and their heart.  Whether our feelings are accurate is another thing entirely.  Take the example of how many women believe that they fat based upon the fact that they feel fat.  Are they actually fat? In many cases they are not, but there is no way to convince them otherwise, their feeling is irrefutable evidence to them.  Unfortunately, most of us are driven to do, to have, to behave or whatever else based on the way we feel or how we feel the particular item or person will make us feel.  We go for certain foods based on how they make us feel.  Problem is no amount of food can replace the feel good feelings that we can generate from within ourselves. Smart marketing has always appealed to our feelings or sensory self.

December will be calling us to feel and hopefully for many of you it will be an opportunity to examine your feelings in much the same way you would a thought or belief.  Does this feeling actually serve me?  How am I living out emotional and feeling patterns from my babyhood? For example if you feel betrayed, when was the first time you felt betrayed? Are you now re-living that feeling memory over and over?  In reality once a feeling reality has been experience we tend to re-create that feeling experience over and over.  If you felt unloved as a child, chances are you will still feel unloved now no matter what anyone else does or says. This will also be the case no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you know that someone loves you.  Feelings are our ultimate truth.  We all must be responsible for clearing out the feelings that no longer serve us.  Then we can come into a new way of feeling, a way that enables us to truly nurture ourselves and others.  If you are like most you have no idea how to do this.  I can of course help!

bottle008If we add up the numbers for December 2012 – 12 + 20 + 12 we end with number 8.  In Aura-Soma bottle 8 is called Anubis.  I have spoken about Anubis before back in August.  Anubis was an Egyptian Deity who was responsible for protection of those who had passed over into the otherworld. Anubis was the Deity who help souls cross over from an ending to a new beginning, very pertinent for December 2012 don’t you think?  Anubis was also the Deity who measured your heart to discern the value of your life and the weight of your heart.  The energy of Bottle 8 will help you get to heart of the issues that arise from feeling. Our heart has always been associated with our feelings. During December take the opportunity to discern what is really going on, seeing the truth of one’s own heart and the heart of others.

Finally, December is traditionally considered the season for giving.  Try to dig deep inside and give from within, give from your genuine feelings rather than giving an object that is designed to produce a feeling.  Try not to be so overcome with the silly season of rushing around; caught up in the feelings of frenzied buying. Spend some time to discover how you are really feeling.  The flip side of Bottle 8 is a lack of joy even though your life is going well according to social parameters.

I wish you all a fabulous December and year’s end. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have eagerly waited for my ramblings each month.  Your support has been greatly appreciated.  I hope that 2013 brings many new beginnings and opportunities.

For those of you who are interested the 21/12/12 is the most accepted date for the actual end of the Mayan Calender and therefore the end of our current planetary cycle.


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