The Soul of January 2013

bottle1January is of course the first month of the year and therefore Bottle 1, blue over deep magenta.  Bottle 1 is a great kick off for the energies of 2013 because bottle 1 is called Physical Rescue.  The deep magenta in the lower fraction can contain our capacity to access the vibrant red energy.  However, it does require that we look at the things that hold us back.  What are we holding onto from the past? Do we harbour feels of guilt over past actions or maybe we feel unworthy of an easier life.  As you return to work and “normal” life after all the festivities and holidays, try to start afresh. Try to release all of your attachments to the past and move forward into new energies.  If you do not know how to effectively and permanently release your past then I can help you.

AuraSoma bottle7Add one to the total of 2013 and we get Bottle 7.  The Garden of Gethsemene bottle.  Bottle 7 is about trusting in the flow of life and trusting in your own wisdom.  So right from the beginning the first two bottles of the year are calling to you to participate in the energies of 2013.  Try to spend time contemplating your navel, get in touch with what is really going on inside of you.  The good the bad and the ugly!  Time to release what no longer serves you and step into the flow of the new energies of 2013.

Have a great month everyone.

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