February Newsletter 2011

Welcome to the February Newsletter, and thank for taking the time to read it!

It has been my intention for many years to have a monthly newsletter.  This intention up to now has never materialized.  I know that we are nearly through February, but I am determined to fulfill my intention this year.  So given that I am going to send you an email once per month, if there are any topics that people would like me to cover please let me know.

Early this month I re-sat my Hypnotherapy training to fulfill my professional update hours.  It was great to be able to finally complete this in SA.  Over the last 3 years I have had to go interstate to do my professional update hours as up until July 2010 it has been illegal for me to practice as a hypnotherapist.  Though it was okay to say that I did trance work, just wasn’t allowed to use hypnotherapy……such is politics.

Hypnosis is not the only word that has become “owned” by a select section of our community.  The word allergy is now a contra ban word unless you are a medical immunologist and you have had medical pathology tests to qualify the use of the word.  The rest of us now have to use the words sensitivities or intolerances.  Anyway I digress!

So now that I can come out of the closet I can advertise myself as a hypnotherapist.  So for those of you who didn’t already know I can help you stop smoking in one easy session, teach you to put yourself into a trance for relaxation, work with you for weightloss and associated eating issues.  And of course there is Past Life Regression.

There is lots of misinformation regarding hypnosis in the community, and stage hypnotists certainly don’t help with all those people acting like chickens!  But essentially if you wouldn’t act like a chicken when you were drunk, you wont act like a chicken whilst you are in trance!  My personal experience from being in trance and working with people who are in trance, is that you cannot be forced to give away your deepest secrets, nor will you act like a chicken if you don’t want to, and in fact if you were asked to do something that was not ethically or morally acceptable to you, you simply would bring yourself out of trance.  The other major misconception regarding the trance state is that you will not hear anything whilst you are in trance and you will not remember anything.   This particular natural trance state is often observed in teenagers and spouses and others who engage in selective listening, but for most people it doesn’t always happen in an induced trance state!

Trance is a very normal, natural state that we enter into every day without thinking about it; driving to work and not remembering how you got there, watching a movie and getting emotionally involved, when we complete the multitude of automatic behaviours we perform every day.  The difference with hypnosis is that you allow another to consciously help you go into that state for a specific purpose.

Hypnosis is very effective because it engages the subconscious mind and thereby helps you change the patterns and habits that are within this part of your consciousness.  I still prefer the Biosenetics process for general personal development and healing.  Hypnosis is handy when you want to target a very specific habit. 

Products Review

 Nikken Magnetic Products

Late last year I revisited the Nikken range of products which I initially looked at 10 years ago.  On the recommendation of a fellow practitioner who had been getting excellent results with herself and her clients I decided to trial the Nikken Sleep System.  My magnetic mattress topper, pillow and FAR-Infrared/magnetic quilt cover duly arrived in the first week of January.  Since them I have been sleeping with in a magnetic field that is designed to closely mimic the natural magnetic flow of the earth.  The FAR-Infrared fibers in the quilt cover provide optimal body temperature.  My initial experience was a little rocky and surprising as I went through an electromagnetic detox which caused me to feel quite unwell and extremely tired for 4-5 days.  The morning that I woke up when my body was done rebalancing itself I felt fantastic.  I have noticed that I feel more refreshed in the morning and I tend to be less physically tired during the day.  As an added bonus I have lost some weight which I wasn’t actually trying to do.  The other bonus is that I find that I am not so susceptible to the environmental energies around be they man made or human

Over the next month or so I hope to get the trial version of the sleep system so that you can try it out in the clinic for 20 minutes.  It truly is a wonderful, nurturing feeling to slip into the sleep system even if it is only for 10 minutes. 

Additionally, Nikken produce magnetic innersoles and a variety of other magnetic products of which I have the Body Energizer, water filter, and chair pad.  If you would like to have a test drive of any of these please let me know when you next see me or ring me to make a time.  The magnetic innersoles allow you to keep on going and going like the energizer bunny.  Additionally, for those who are sensitive like me I find that they strengthen your personal magnetic field so that you are not as effected by those around you.

Transfer Factors

Like Nikken products Transfer Factors have been around for many years and I have know about them but not felt the need to investigate them before.  Transfer Factors was one of the things that I gave to Dexter my male pug when he was gravely ill last year.  So my re-acquaintance with Transfer Factors was timely and enlightening.  What I noticed with Dexter was that within 20 minutes of having his dose his eyes would brighten and he would get increased energy.  Even though they were not the only treatment that Dexter was having, I truly believe without them he probably would not still be with me today. 

So what are Transfer Factors?  We all receive a dose of transfer factors from our mother’s milk.  The purpose of transfer factors is to educate the immune system.  Transfer factors are smart molecules that are constantly learning and passing on information to cells of the immune system.  Thereby enabling the immune system to recognize threats, respond to threats and remember foreign invaders.  There is an enormous amount of research and information available on the net regarding Transfer Factors so I am not going into heaps of details here.  But I can provide it for you if wish, just let me know.  Transfer Factors can help you maintain your immune system in an optimum state and can be taken as a prophylactic on a regular basis.

Bean 1

Bean 1 is a product that I have had available for some time.  It’s primary purpose is to block absorption of carbohydrates from your diet.  Obviously it does not remove all but enough to make a difference when you are having a carbohydrate rich meal.  One client who has an apple shape (weight primarily around her middle)  found that she was putting on weight since becoming per-menopausal.  She has delighted with the result as she has lost all of the excess midriff fat without changing her diet significantly.  She was of course eating a relatively healthy and balance diet.

Short Notice –  Psychic Tea Party on Sunday 27th of February

The Psychic Tea Party starts at 10.30 am with a Pendulum Workshop and the readings with Skyla start at 11.15 am and at 1.30 a workshop on Smudging and other techniques for keeping your personal space clear of negative energies.  Skyla’s last reading will be at 4.30 pm

You can come along and have a personal  half hour reading by Skyla.  Alternatively you could have your aura reproduced in living colour with an accompanying 22 page report or have your energy reproduced in beautiful pastels by Shamarie accompanied by an insightful commentary of the meaning of the colours.

Or you could have all three!

We will also have available for purchase a selection of crystal and sterling silvery jewellery, crystals, smudge sticks etc.


If you have a reading the cost is $60  and you can attend either of the workshops for free

If you have a reading and also want an aura image the total cost is $100

If you have a reading and also want your energy drawn in pastels, plus an aura image with a 20 page report the cost will be $130

Aura Imaging and Report $50

Your energy drawn in pastels $50

Aura Imaging, Report and your energy pastel together $90

Attendance at a workshop  $20 per workshop

Tea and coffee and finger food provided

At the time of this post there were two spots left to have a psychic reading, one is at 2.00 pm and the other is at 2.30 pm.

With a bit more notice – March 5th at 10.00 am a Nikken information morning at Payneham.  If you would like to attend this or want more information please contact me as soon as possible as numbers  are strictly limited at this event.