No March Madness Here, Stay Chilled!

Welcome to Shamarie’s March Newsletter

Lately I have been getting so many newsletters entitled March Madness I decided to investigate were this phrase was coming from.  Apparently it refers to a basketball game.  It astounds me how easily we slip into Americanism.

February was a busy month, clients were true to form with my prediction for February  as outlined  in my blog post,  The Soul Essence of February.  Though I must admit it took until half way through the month to figure out what was actually going on.  March is going to be interesting, it’s primary number is 9 the main focus is not wanting to listen!  Haven’t had a chance to tune in yet so you can check it out later on my blog.  Coupled with 9 we have mercury in retrograde.  So watch out for some mix ups in communications.

I have included a damming report about the cancer industry coming from the UK.  Well worth the read as breast cancer is every present in the public eye. Many individuals and organization heavily support charities that support scientific research research into breast cancer.

How do You know if you are insane?
shamarie energy healer australia keeps you changingMost of us feel comfortable and secure when we can count on the consistency and reliability of people, transport systems and other social structures.  Predictability means that we don’t need to worry about a particular thing or person.  In many ways we rely upon reliability.The ability to keep getting the same results from the same behaviour is a very useful skill.  It means that you can follow in another’s footsteps and obtain roughly the same results.  All big business franchises rely upon teaching their individual franchisees the steps so that they can get the same results as the parent company.  All scientific research is validated when it can be reproduced by another scientist.However, habitual repartition can cause us to become stuck in our ways.  Have you every tried to change your golf swing?  Most people are not only habitualized in their physical behaviour but also in their thinking and emotional patterns.  When you hear yourself say “this always happens to me” or something similar,  you know you are stuck in a habit of some kind.  So it doesn’t matter how many times you do the same thing you are always going to get the same result.  Even though you may not want that result.

You will be surprised at the number of people who are continually frustrated as to “why this keeps happening”. If you want to change your outcomes you need to change the process and inner reality that is YOU.  Otherwise you will get the same result over and over.  The players and setting my change but the outcome will be the same.

The definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome!

The trick is to continually evolve your mind so that you can transform your world.  The good thing is that change keeps you health and sane!

Oncologists Conceal Toxicity Issues and Bias 

This research was taken from the work of Daniel Webber, Panaxea
Breast Cancer Research Bias shamarie energy healer australiaConventional cancer treatments aren’t working for women with breast cancer. Women are falling into a cancer industry machine only to be spit out at the other end, permanently damaged and still with no reasonable assurance of long-term survival. Lord Maurice Saatchi is calling for the law relating to cancer treatment to be changed in England. He describes the current law as a “barrier to progress in curing cancer” and says doctors are deterred from trying new forms of treatment in case they are sued. 

He said on public television, “The current treatments for women are medieval, degrading and ineffective. Women think of the worst part of treatment as hair loss but this is the good news. The less good news is the effect of the drugs—nausea, vomiting, fatigue—but this is still the good news. The really bad news is that the effects of the drugs on the immune system of women allow fatal infections to enter the body. Women are then as likely to die from the infection as from the cancer.”

There are laws that make it impossible for oncologists to go outside the established norms in treating cancer of any kind. In fact, punishment is severe and could mean lawsuits as well as the permanent loss of a job and/or license. Any deviation by doctors from what is standard procedure is likely to lead to being found guilty for medical negligence. This has led to the brutal treatment of women at the hands of predominantly male-oriented oncologists and radiologists.

When Lord Saatchi remarked about medieval methods he was not choosing his words lightly. In those days Christian torturers used to routinely target the breasts of women, often ripping them right off their chests. Surgeons at least use a knife and anesthetics but some women have their breasts removed for preventive reasons, so desperate are they to avoid breast cancer and the brutal treatments waiting for them.[1]

Dishonest Oncology
Orthodox oncology is not honest with itself so it is very difficult to believe or put faith in what oncologists say about breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter) because the results of drug trials to justify their treatments are regularly spun to conceal bias and make the drugs seem more effective or less toxic than they really are.

According to a study, “Bias in reporting of end points of efficacy and toxicity in randomized, clinical trials for women with breast cancer,” published in January 2013 in Annals of Oncology, researchers from the University of Toronto found that in 164 randomized Phase III clinical trials that a third were reported positively despite not meeting the primary objective, by emphasizing other, less important outcomes. “These reports were biased and used spin in attempts to conceal that bias,” the authors wrote. Some studies even changed the primary objective halfway through, possibly because early results suggested the trial would otherwise fail.[2]

The researchers also found evidence of bias in the reporting of toxic side effects of drugs used in two-thirds of the trials. In these cases, high toxicity findings were omitted from the abstracts and conclusions, and instead buried in the “small print” of the article. Medical scientists have been caught painting an overly rosy picture of their drugs for their own ends, which means for the end dictated by the companies that pay their bills.

In short, much of oncology is based on research fraud. In a study published in Nature in March 2012, researchers tried to replicate the results of 53 basic preclinical cancer studies. Of those 53 studies, only six were replicable. In his new book, Bad Pharma, Dr. Goldacre sounds a warning bell on the fact that drug manufacturers are the ones who fund trials of their own products. One of the most widely recognized and true tests of scientific proof is when these studies showing positive results can be and are replicated by independent researchers—not researchers chosen or paid by the drug manufacturer providing the original finding.

“Drugs are tested by the people who manufacture them in poorly designed trials, on hopelessly small numbers of weird, unrepresentative patients, and analyzed using techniques that are flawed by design, in such a way that they exaggerate the benefits of treatments,” writes Goldacre in his book. “When trials throw up results that companies don’t like, they are perfectly entitled to hide them from doctors and patients, so we only ever see a distorted picture of any drug’s true effects.”

Breast Self Examination
New product that allows for accurate and easy examination
shamarie energy healerShortly, you will see a new page on my website called Products.  This page will have links to Products you can source on your own.  This page will include products that I either endorse and/or personally use.  I came across a company called Plexus that produces these little satchels of fluid that you can place over your breast when you self examine.  They are so sensitive that they will pick up a grain of salt underneath them.  This company also sells a breast detoxification cream and some weight loss products.  I am specifically sending you to this resource for the self examination satchels and the breast cream.The link will be for Plexus Worldwide and it should be on my page within the next week.

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