The Soul Essence of March 2013

We are only 7 days into March and I am hearing from clients “I am Stuck!” so what is it about March that is bringing to the fore the feeling of being stuck? The numbers for March 2013 are 3 plus 20 plus 13 which give a total of 9.  The interesting thing about nine is despite the fact that I am not a nine, many of my birth family have nine in their birth numbers and probably 95% of my clients also.

The essence of nine is feeling stuck and not really knowing why or how to get past being stuck.  Nines tend to have issues with authority.  A favourite stance of a Nine is “it’s may way or the highway”.  This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily rebels, but unless what you are saying to them suits their world view or they have a lot of respect for you they will tune out.  Last month was very much looking at authority in the world and connecting with your own inner authority.  This month brings to the fore the consequences of deciding not to listen no matter what.

The reasons those with nine energy have come to this position is of course varied, however there is a really good archetypal story from the bible that kind of explains how the soul concerned came to their present state.  It is the story of Jobe.  Jobe was a wealthy merchant.  Jobe had many wives, children and all the trappings of success.  One day for no apparent reason it all went pear shaped and he lost everything.  Jobe cried out to god, why have you done this to me I have been your loyal and righteous servant.  God’s reply was the pot cannot tell the potter what to do.  Now as you can imagine this kind of upset Jobe because he was trying to do everything right and yet everything still went wrong.  My understanding of Nine’s is that they have somewhere in their past been like Jobe, the model citizen doing everything that was asked of them, doing everything right and it all went pear shaped.   As a consequence they turned their back on authority and decided to go their own way.  Whilst in the particular lifetime it may have been a spiritual or outer authority that aggrieved them in practical terms it means that they turned their back on their own inner spiritual authority as well.

Once we turn our back on our own inner authority and decide that it is my way or the highway we become stuck.  It is through our inner authority that we receive guidance and access to our past wisdom.  As I said last month in The Soul Essence of February authority does not have to be obeyed.  It is still an individual’s right to choose freely to listen and be guided or not.  Just as always listening to others can get us into trouble, obviously so can never listening to others.  But the core theme here is whatever we do, we must be responsible for our actions irrespective of who directed us.

Aura-soma Bottle 9 Bottle 9 turquoise over green. Bottle 9 is called the Crystal Heart within the Heart. Its primary focus is transcendence of the heart.  Having a heart that is capable of expressing more than your own petty individual loves and concerns.  This bottle is also linked with Atlantean times.   Nines often pride themselves on having found the way or doing the right thing.  History regarding Atlantis  tells us how deluded they really were in their “rightness”.   Bottle 9 encourages us to finding our way through the mire of jealousy and envy that cause us to want the possessions or experiences that another has.  Perhaps even feeling it is unjust that they have and you do not.  Guilt can also creep in here in terms of you having anything at all. Which gets us back to what I was saying above, we cannot blame another for what we do or have, in the end there is no universal right only tendencies and what is right for you may not be right for another.  If there is no right or wrong there cannot be guilt and therefore there cannot be punishment only consequences.

Aura-Soma Bottle 3 energy healer australiaThe other number in March is of course 3.  Bottle 3, blue over green is very similar to Bottle 9 except there is less yellow in the top fraction.  Bottle 3 is called the Atlantean Bottle.  People with a major three influence are usually emotionally immature.  I don’t mean that they are more childlike than most as the majority of humanity has not grown up emotionally.  Threes usually have resisted going through the tough stuff of life which builds emotional strength and maturity.  If life presents an opportunity for you to grow and you refuse to take it you will become stuck, just as surely as if you sit at the side of the road and refuse to walk.  If you spend your time blaming another authority for your experience you never fully move through the experience and garnish the mental and emotional growth to your soul.

So March in a nutshell – Also don’t waste your time of brooding over what you don’t have or what others have.  Give thanks for what you do have and improve upon that.  Notice the opportunities that are before you.  Seize the day, learn and grow.  Personal growth is a process of personal change and life provides the best opportunities for change.  Change is the spice of life.  Personal growth is nourishment for your soul.

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