The Soul Essence of February 2013

OMG is February 12 and I am only just writing the Soul of February.  I have tried on many occasions to sit and write, but the energy of February has been very illusive for me until yesterday.  I was working with a client, when it suddenly crystallized for me.

So here we go; firstly here is a brief outline of the bottles involved for February.  The numbers of February 2013 are 2 plus 20 plus 13 which gives a total of 8.  As 20 breaks down to 2 we have double 2 going on in February.  As I have discussed 20/2 and 13/4 in my previous post The Soul Essence of 2013 I will not go into them again here.  But I will discuss bottle 2 in more detail and why it has been so trick some to understand the energies of February 2013.

Peace on Every LevelThe basic energy of Bottle 2, blue over blue is peace on every level.  Bottle 2 also embodies the energy of our struggle with authority.  Our first authorities were our parents.  If you have problems with authority, your unconscious mind will reproduce this experience in many different areas of your life.  We cannot have peace whilst we are still struggling with corrupt authority or uncaring institutions. The secret is to understand that we cannot change them from the outside; we must change them from within each and every one of us.  Peace on every level means within all the layers of our mind, body and soul.  Bottle 2 challenges us to become our own inner authority.  Now you have heard me say this before this is nothing new, but the twist to February is that it also embodies it’s seeming opposite, bottle 50 pale blue over pale blue.

Let Go, Let Go,Bottle 50 is called El Morya, the essence of this bottle is “Thy will, not my will”.  or put it another way Let Go! I personally spent well over a month several years ago learning this lesson. Now this may sound contradictory with what I have said above about becoming your own inner authority. However let me explain.  We are currently in an information era where knowledge is power.  Therefore, there is an emphasis on education and information.  Before the advent of the internet and our communication technology, knowledge and information were in the hands of the minority.  The minority were also the authorities in our society.   In the past we have listened to and held in high esteem those with knowledge.  With the internet you can just about find out anything.  As a result there are lots of competing ideals of right and wrong as well as many different theories of how to do this or that.  We all have the capacity to gain knowledge and become our own authority based on our personal knowledge and information.

This is great, however the shadow side of this is, we can become so puffed up with our own sense of “I know everything” and can therefore do everything.  Therefore we are unwilling to listen to an individual whose knowledge and experience may be greater than our own in a particular area. Simply, we often no longer have respect for the knowledge and experience of another.  Battles are often fort over “my knowledge and authority is greater than yours”. For example you may participate in a weekend course in Reiki and come away from that course believing that you now have all that you need to be an expert healer.  Or you could spend 4 years completing a psychology degree and believe this knowledge now makes you an expert on the human psyche.  This is just not so; information and knowledge does not guarantee that you now know everything there is to know about a particular area. A little bit of knowledge about something or about many things does not make you an expert.  Sometimes our egos can become so enamored with the things that we do know we think we are an expert.  We erroneously believe that we are now the absolute authority. The acquisition of some knowledge does not guarantee that we know how to interpret or utilize the knowledge.  The acquisition of some knowledge can make us unwilling to be open to further or different knowledge.

So how is the concept of “Thy will, not my will” applicable here?  It is about balance, it is about having the humility to understand that we do not know everything.   Acknowledgement of the fact that a little bit of information does not guarantee that we will always know what to do. Many adults are stuck in teenage rebellion – I know everything and you (their parents) know nothing.  Balance requires us to be open to listen and learn from others.  This does not mean that you give away your power of self volition and worship them as the knower of all things.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to move away from this way of thinking.  But be careful not to jump the other polarity which is I know everything and therefore will not listen to others.  This concept is true on a material physical everyday life point of view as well as from a spiritual point of view.

Let Go! Let Go!The numbers of February 2013 add to eight.  This bottle is called Anubis, yellow over blue.  I have discussed the meaning of bottle 8 in previous posts so I am not going to go into it again in great depth.  But it is important remember that this bottle embodies discernment and access to wisdom through inner communications.  The importance of this in February 2013 is that all that I have said above about knowledge and information.  The majority of this knowledge and information comes from the ego self, the most limited aspect of our psyche.  Bottle 8 calls us to filter and discern the information and knowledge presented to us and get in touch with our own deeper authority, our own deeper wisdom.  Some call this their higher self.  However, I am not advocating handing over all of your free will to this higher inner power or outer power as the phrase “Thy will, not my will” may suggest.  Eventually the ego finally gains enough wisdom in itself to know when to listen and when to go its own way.  As children we never always listen because we often have to learn by doing it our way.  For me there are two major lessons embodied in the essence of February 2013.  The first; understand that you do have free will to do as you choose, but you can cannot blame anyone or any authority for your decisions.  The second; be humble enough to listen and to learn from inner and outer knowledge and authority.  However, seek to filter and discern so that you may obtain wisdom and not just knowledge.

Well there are only a few weeks left in February 2013, make it a great month, seek to obtain the most value and wisdom that you possibly can.  Spend time connecting with your inner self to facilitate discernment and wisdom.

The ultimate wisdom in many ways is – Know what you can do and what you cannot.  Let go of what you cannot!

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