Living in a World Beyond Antibiotics and Religion Part 2

Living in a World Post Religion – Part 2

It appears to be part of the human condition to seek something greater than ourselves.  Science is driven by the same need to understand how the world works, how it all started.  Granted though science usually, until recent times, has only concerned itself with the nature of the physical world and has left the world of spirit to religion.  This is in part because of an agreement between the Roman Pope and the men of science, particular medical science over a hundred years ago.

It is also true that the vast majority of our world religions are hundreds if not thousands of years old. The fact that they are still around is a testimony to the human need to seek meaning among other things.  All religions have a creation story and first men or women or both.  All religions contain copious amounts of metaphor and stories to explain meaning in the world.  Religion also outlines ways to contact the unseen world of spirit and ultimately god or goddess consciousness itself.

The power of religion is that it has been around thousands of years and therefore it is deeply embedded into the psyche of humanity.  We are therefore influenced by religion whether we have been brought up within a religion or not.  In Australia our laws and society are based on Christian principles.  Some would say that this is a good thing – if it has been around so long then it must be true and of value.  However, consider our society is still controlled, sometimes subtly and other times overtly by laws and concepts that are thousands of years old  when society and human endeavour was completely different.  Any thinking person would then have to ask is our current religion still valid?

Now I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater here, what I am saying is; is it time to rethink the religious concepts that govern us?  It is religion that first created the domination of women and the environment so perhaps it is time that we look at the nitty gritty  consequences of religious dogma.   You may be temped to say that if you didn’t personally go to church you were not taught these things or that the “church” doesn’t uphold gender discrimination anymore.  Well that maybe so, but have we actually eradicated these practices in our society?  Have we changed our religious doctrine to reflect a new position? Do we still condone and allow religious practices that demean and devalue women.

I am often asked what is the difference between spiritualism and religion.  For me the difference is that religion is a formalized way of spiritualism and spiritualism tries to be free of such dogma.  The problem is spiritualism is usually a rework and re-labelling of religious concepts and beliefs.  For example in Christianity there is a desire to be more “god-like” to be a vessel for God on earth, this all revolves around being acceptable and doing the right thing according to how we believe God likes it.  The reward is to get into heaven.

New age personal development or spiritualism is a re-work of this.  When I heal my wounds, think the right things, do the right things I will get what I want at the very least and ultimately live in a place of pure positivism where everything is wonderful and everything goes my way (heaven in religious terms).

So the question becomes what would life be without the archetypal dogma of religion? What would our reality change to?  At the moment that is an overwhelming question that makes most people quiver and then go back to sleep.  It is like asking what is the sound of one hand clapping?

The question of how to deal with antibiotic resistant bugs is a big issue. One we must all take personal action and responsibility for it to change.  What is acceptable reality and meaning is similar but on a much bigger scale. Now, in the past for the average person who wasn’t a monk or someone who lived a monastic life you would never contemplate this question let alone have the time to sit to figure it out.  This is another problem with religion it is mostly aimed at a engaged religious life with very little other pursuits.  Most of us including myself don’t have time to sit on a mountain top. I realized this over 16 years ago when I started developing the processes that I use for myself and with my clients. Like everyone else I had bills to pay and in my case three sons to raise.

The processes that I have developed allow for individualize change and yet move individuals to a place of peace and love that comes from the inside.  The Biosenetics process enables everyone to put in a little effort and get big results whilst still living a “normal” life.

I sincerely believe that it is time for a huge upgrade in our foundational beliefs about ourselves and the nature of divinity.  We need to re-evaluate reality and meaning. Otherwise we are going to keep doing what we have been doing and at the moment that is not looking so promising.   It is not enough to change the way we think at the conscious level.  Change must come from our deeper unconscious collective psyche.  We all have a personal stake in this and a personal responsibility.

If you are wondering if I have a process for this, of course I do, already many clients are embarking on religious/spiritual change as am I.  The more of us who embody change which enables us to embody divinity in another way that is life giving for all, the sooner we may actually change the world.

If you are ready to change the foundational truth of your existence then check out my book – Evolve Your Unconscious Mind, the Secret to Shifting Consciousness. You will discover the foundational archetypal truths that keep us stuck in our current state of consciousness.