January Newsletter 2011

Hi Everyone,

Wow, last year was a challenge!  Some of you will know that I welcomed two beautiful pug puppies into my life; Lilly and Dexter.  I was optimistic. I truly never realised how much work puppies were, let alone two of them.  On top of which Dexter had a couple of serious health challenges.  I am pleased to say they are both are now fit and well.  I have found a wonderful natural vet as well as a vet who has a foot in both camps.  I don’t always let them greet everyone as they are boisterous in their welcome.  Zak was far more sedate in his sunset years. The pair of them bring me so much pleasure. All the difficulties and challenges of their first year are rapidly fading.

I myself have had a couple of health challenges, which is so unusual for me. It kind of took me by surprise.  The ongoing loss of my voice was the most debilitating and is still ongoing in a lesser degree.  The most challenging aspect was that anything that I did to bring about resolution did not work, nor did anything any other practitioner had suggested or offered.  The medical profession likewise had no solution.

As I struggled to deal with the meaning of my condition I become acutely aware of how limited we are in our prescriptive meaning or causation of any event.  It didn’t matter whether the cause and therefore treatment came from alternative practitioners of the medical profession.  It caused me to reflect upon the truth that I have always known – our bodies are currently limited in their biological expression and therefore a condition such as “loss of voice” or a cough does not necessarily mean that the person is afraid to speak their truth, or is holding back from saying something etc or that they have some pathogen.  All of the “meaning” or interpretive dictionaries out there whether they be the Merk Manual, a pathology digest, or Louise Hay’s “You can Heal your Life” are only guides they are not the absolute truth. Life is an art. It cannot be mapped out in dot to dot points.  It is this truth that caused me many years ago to elect to often treat in silence; not waste time exploring the causative reason for an individual’s condition in minute detail at the conscious mind level.  I was acutely aware that as soon as I did, the conscious mind would grab hold and limit the meaning and cause and therefore limit the healing potential.  I often found myself saying to clients who had been searching for meaning for many years “would you accept resolution of your condition even if you didn’t understand or know what caused it?”  Let me affirm to you all, it is not always as easy as it sounds!

Does this mean that I believe that we should give up the search for meaning in life? Absolutely, not it is meaning that guides our lives.  When someone smiles at us, depending on what meaning we place upon the smile, we find pleasure in it or not.  When hardships happen, how we deal with them depends upon the meaning we give the hardship.  We all need to evaluate our lives regularly, and the New Year is a good time to do that.  Sit and contemplate; what does your life in all its complexities mean to you?  Does the truth of your meaning bring you joy, growth, love, wellness?  If not then it’s time to make some changes.  If you don’t know how to make those changes, then I can help, it is always my great privilege and pleasure to do so.

The Colour of 2011

In the Aura-Soma system 2011 is made up of four bottles: Bottle 20, Bottle 11, Bottle 2 and Bottle 4.

Bottle 20 is blue over pink and is called the Child Rescue/Star Child bottle which is all about intuitional love and the communication of unconditional love.  So what does this mean? This particular colour combination is the backbone of our current century.  Bottle 20 is about finding the child within, and healing that child.  It is such a shame to be 30, 40 or 90 and still be living your life through the emotional immaturity of a two year old child. 

Bottle 20 is about finding that child, healing that child and finding unconditional love and acceptance for the child that is not dependent upon outside opinions or approvals.  It is not until we have found love and compassion for ourselves within ourselves that we can offer this to others.  Bottle 20’s frequency links back to the ancient civilization of Lemuria which preceded Atlantis.  We in Australia have a strong connection to Lemuria and particularly those of us here in SA.

Bottle 11 is clear over pink. Bottle 11 offers Pink for the depths of love and a brand new clear space in the conscious mind to express it.  This is the bottle we use in the Aura-soma system when nothing else you seem to do in a therapeutic setting seems to work. This bottle ties in with what I was saying above, that when none of the prescriptive therapies and meanings have meaning.   Use the frequency of this bottle to find another way that may be completely new.  This bottle is about clarity of mind, to see one’s soul clearly and to allow love to be the abiding principle in all that one does.  Probably the biggest challenge of this bottle is to overcome self-doubt and allow yourself to truly feel again.  Allowing yourself to receive love as well as give love.  You can see that Bottle 20 and Bottle 11 strengthen each other.  We really do have to find new ways of being and existing on this planet before we have no planet left to receive from!  The old ways of doing and being, whether they are religious or scientific, need to make way for a more complete understanding that is based in love.

Bottle 20 and Bottle 11 can be broken down to Bottle 2, which is blue over blue and represents peace on every level. The only way I know to create peace on planet earth is for each and every one of us to find peace within.  We all need to find the love an acceptance that comes from within.  We cannot find this through drugs, prescribed or “recreational”, nor can we find it with alcohol or the endless pursuit of things and people to make us happy.  Christmas was not a happy event for many of the big retailers because there has been a massive shift and disenchantment with the pursuit of things.  We cannot have peace whilst we are still struggling with corrupt authority or uncaring institutions, but we cannot change them from the outside, we must change them from within each and every one of us.  Every woman alive knows that even though conscious thought is saying that women are equal, legislation has been put in place to facilitate equality, but in reality it is only lip service.  Why is this so? Because the outside world may have changed but the individual inner realities have not.  Each and every one of us must be responsible for a little piece of the whole, we must be responsible for changing our inner truths. Legislation will never do this.

2011 adds up to Bottle 4, Yellow over Gold, the sunlight bottle.  Bottle 4 encourages us to find inner knowledge and wisdom.  Start to think for ourselves in an organic and wholistic way.  To let go of all forms of worship of something or someone outside of us.  Whether it’s money, gold, things, people, movie stars, heroes or heroines, even our concept of god and goddess.  Worship always encourages us to be less than we are and make another more important or more powerful.  Worship of the one creates a hierarchy within the world rather than equality and consensus.  Do you need to worship your partner in order to love and respect them?  I don’t believe so. Nor do I believe that the divine within each and every one of us requires us to worship them, we are one and the same.

More than ever it is time for us to grow up and find our true inner selves. If you don’t know how to begin this process the good news is that I know a way.  Is it the only way? No of course not, but is a way that does not require you to give up your own power in the process.  I require that you be responsible for every step of the way. I want you to find your own unique power and gifts for together we all become a greater force for positive change.

A long term wish materialized – Aura-Video Station

For a long time I have wanted a device, or software, to record changes in our energy field, in particular our Aura.  Due to the strength of the Australian dollar I have now purchased software and equipment from the US at a reasonable price which allows me to do this.  I intend to use it in several ways.  When I take in clients for the first time it will be part of your initial consult.  You will receive a 20 page report as well as some photo images of your aura.  Then over time we will review your changes. If you want to have a new photo printed out in each session you can, if not I will just leave it on file.  There will of course be a cost for this service and if you don’t want the printout you don’t have to, but I will keep the images on file for my records. I would however encourage you to do so for your own information as well.  Of course clients who are not “new” and would like to have their aura reproduced can of course do so.  This will be a wonderful way to assess changes in your energy system aside from the changes you notice in yourself and your life.

The second way I intend to use this software is to allow people to just come and have their aura photo and report produced as a means of self awareness.  You will be able to do this at Soul Alchemy at Gawler on specified days and I will also be offering this service at the Psychic Tea Parties and possibly at some psychic fairs around Adelaide.

The third way this software can be used is to help you discover which therapeutic option is best for you.  For example you can hold a magnetic device, crystal, herbal etc and see if it brings you into greater balance.

I will advise dates of availability at Soul Alchemy at a later date or alternatively you can keep watch on FaceBook which will be the first place we post this information.

Meditation Groups

Gawler Area – Recommences on Monday 10th.   Arrive at 8.00 pm for 8.15 pm sharp start.  The cost per session is $15 payable in advance for 1 month.  We have a couple of spaces available so be quick if you would like to join.

Blackwood Area – I am changing this from a Tuesday night to a Wednesday night. Recommencing on Wednesday 12th.  The cost per session is $15 payable in advance for 1 month.  We have a couple of spaces available so be quick if you want to join this group.

There are no refunds if you do not attend

Reiki 1 and 2

I have had several request to run another Reiki 1 and 2 training, however I need a minimum of 4 to offer the training.  I can offer the training at either Gawler or Blackwood depending on numbers.  Please let me know if you would like to attend.  The cost for the day is $125 per level.

Changes Appointment Fees and Policy

Initial consult fee is $150 including your aura report.

Aura Report $50 

Initial consult without the Aura report $110

Children and concession card holders $100

Subsequent consults are $100

Children and concession card holders $90

Stop Smoking consult $250 including two detox products

My time is valuable and so is yours!  I require 48 hours notice if you intend not to keep your appointment.  If you do not provide 48 hours notice without exceptional circumstances and do not attend you will be charged a full consultation fee.  If you do not pay, you will not be offered another appointment.  I only wish to work with those who take their personal growth seriously.

Special Introductory Offer for January – All Aura Reports will be offered for $40

March Newsletter

February and March have been jammed packed with things to do in Adelaide; Womadelaide, The Fringe and the Clipsal Race for a “quiet little town”, as the other states call us, we have been very busy.  If you are one of those who have overdone it during this period, this newsletter is just for you.

I attended a seminar recently which focused on detoxification and keeping yourself healthy on the inside.  Those of you who are regular clients are aware of how important it is to keep your mental and emotional state in a balanced and calm state.  Depression or living on an emotional roller coaster is not fun by any standard.  However, this newsletter is going to primarily focus on physical therapies because prevention is better than cure!

Now is a great time to start a detox programme before we retreat into the Winter Months

Importance of oxygen

Part of yogic principles is perfect breath equals perfect health.   From a mechanical point of view exercise and good posture and fresh air are essential to ensure sufficient oxygen flowing throughout our bodies.   The air we breathe is roughly 78% (by volume) nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.96% argon and 0.04% carbon dioxide, helium, water, and other gases.  If we had access to pure oxygen we would experience states of over activity or euphoria.  So clearly getting sufficient amounts of fresh air containing oxygen is good for our mental and emotional state.

Nitric Oxide which the body produces from Nitrogen is a vital messenger molecule in the body for relaxing our muscles and for making the nucleic acids that are part of our DNA and RNA – Another good reason to breath properly!

Within our bodies we have chemical reactions that require oxygen and those that happen in the absence of oxygen.  Many disease states such as cancer or viruses are anaerobic (can exist and proliferate because there is insufficient oxygen)  Think about what happens to stagnant water!  This is not to say that insufficient oxygen is the only cause of these states, but there is sufficient evidence that low oxygen states are a major contributor.

We take in oxygen through our lungs and via water and so for a healthy body we need plentiful quantities of clean fresh water and air.  Just increasing your intake of both of these will create a natural and gentle detoxification.

You can also increase the amount of oxygen available to your body by taking a Diatomic Oxygen Supplement which you either take under the tongue or add to your water.  If you are interested in this supplement please let me know.  I also currently have a Finger Pulse Oximeter which measures percentage of oxygen in your blood if you want to know your status.

Just as a footnote:  the consumption of alcohol requires oxidation (the usage of the body’s oxygen supply) also  the end by-product Acetaldehyde causes many health challenges in your body.  The message here is to drink in moderation.

 Detoxification and Beauty Sleep

At night we experience several different sleep states from light sleep to very deep dreamless sleep.   One of the most important sleep stages is REM or rapid eye movement.  It is during this stage that we dream.  Sleep deprivation can be used as a form of torture (as any mother with young children knows).  Unfortunately, with the availability of night lighting and all night shopping, entertainment etc many are willing and perhaps unknowingly subjecting themselves to a form of torture.  It is known that REM is a very effective antidote to depression.  REM sleep or dreaming time is for processing and clearing mental, emotional or spiritual material.  Some people including myself can go into REM when they are awake during a healing process.  During REM sleep we process information from both left and right hemispheres, it is a whole brain process.   As well as psychological detoxification sleep is important for cellular detoxification.  The body has a night-time cycle of cellular detox and this cannot take place if you are still awake and its action is impaired when we do not relax enough for our noradrenalin to be turned down low.  A symptom of impaired night-time detox can be morning headaches.    Lastly, research has shown that even sleep deprivation of only 2-3 hours in healthy young adults is enough to put the body into a pre-diabetic state.  Lack of sleep also impairs your immune function.  Getting enough sleep facilitates mental, emotional and physical detoxification.

Detoxification through our Major Organs of Elimination


Exfoliation and skin brushing helps to keep your skin healthy via increasing blood circulation and cellular turnover.   Skin brushing is best done with a soft natural bristle brush on dry skin before getting into the shower.  If you find this difficult, use a good quality natural scrub to exfoliate your body at least once per week.  You can also use a shower mit to give yourself a good wet scrub.

Lymphatic System

Our lymph system is like our venous system (blood vessels), in that it is a series of tubes and nodes throughout the body.  The Lymph transports various nutrients to your cells, removes wastes and contains white blood cells.  The best way to get your lymphatic system moving is through breathing and exercise.  When the Lymphatic System is congested you often will see white spots in your iris.

I personally find homoeopathics are the best way to detox your lymphatic system.  Some people are more susceptible to lymphatic congestion, namely blue eyed individuals.


Our kidneys are complex organs that maintain water and nutrient balance.  Too much sugar and salt make your kidneys have to work harder.  Your body’s last ditch effort to get too much salt or sugar out of your system is through your kidneys.  Drinking plenty of water, ensuring that you do not get dehydrated is one of the best things you can do for your Kidneys.  There are herbs and homoepathics which can help detox and rejuvenate your kidneys.  According to Chinese Medicine theory our kidneys store our essence and our vitality.  Therefore our chi field 

If your urine is a clear pale straw colour that is odourless then is a pretty good indication that your kidneys are working well and you are not dehydrated.  


Unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard about detoxing your liver.  And yes it is very important. Everything that you put in your mouth must go through the gateway of your liver.  The liver has two processes, Phase I and Phase II, if either of these phases are not working properly or in harmony with each other you are likely to experience a variety of physical symptoms.  Chemical sensitivity, lethargy, gallstones, bowel and digestive problems are a few examples.  A very simple thing that you can do to help your liver is to, reduce the load of chemicals you give it to process and secondly have a drink of warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning.  Your liver can also benefit from plenty of green vegetables and a homoepathic or herbal detox.

Large Intestine (Bowel)

Your bowel is responsible for taking wastes from your body and delivering them to the outside.  You can tell a lot about your stools. Have you ever noticed that animals always check their bowel movements?  They are not being gross, they are checking the status of their health.  Your stools should be soft, easy to pass, light to dark brown in colour.  If they are pale or clay colour it suggests your liver is not producing enough bile or the bile is being blocked.  Bright or dark red can indicate the presence of blood.  Both of these situation require attention, red colour, requires urgent attention. 

Constipation, sticky or dry stools all indicate dis-regulation in your digestive system somewhere and need to be addressed.  Long standing constipation can lead to a build up of intestinal plaque that lines the walls of your bowel.  This situation increases the likelihood of you re-absorbing toxins from your bowel.  Our bowel can also provide a home for parasites, this is something that we often think about when we have children, but maturity does not give you immunity to these little critters.  There are herbals and homeopathics that help your body eliminate parasites as does Diatomaceous Earth.

Clearing away the built up intestinal plaque is a little more challenging and requires more commitment.  Colonic Irrigation is one such way, homecare enemas are another.  If you are not up for this I can take you through a cleanse process which also has fabulous results.

If you would like to embark on a complete detoxification programme which takes into account all of the major elimination pathways, then call to make an appointment and I can work out an individual programme especially for you!

Detoxification does not necessarily mean that you have to go through unpleasant side effects, or that you have to radically change your life, so don’t be afraid to embark on a detoxification process.  Just make sure you work with one that suits you personal health needs.

February 2010 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Here we are 2010, we can now leave behind the heaviness and stuckness of the 9 energy of 2009.

As many of you are aware my dear pug Zak passed away last September not long after his 14th birthday.   The good news is that I am awaiting arrival of two beautiful little pugs from Tasmania, soon it will be their cheerful little faces that greet you at the door!

My Numerological (using Aura-Soma) Forecast 2010

2010 brings with it the opportunity of fresh new spaces.  In the aura-soma system 20 is the energy of the “star Child”.  Bottle 20 blue over pink –  we have been working with this energy since the turn of the century.  

Bottle 20 encourages us to heal our inner child, allow our inner child to grow to maturity and balance the male and female within.  Once each of us heals our inner selves we will be able to feel the unconditional love and acceptance that we all crave.  This of course will also mean that we will then be able to communicate love and acceptance to others.  It is often our lack of love and self-acceptance that is at the root of our desire to control and dominate our environment and those in it.  The 9 energy of last year was how the “child” responded to authority, this year we move onto 10 – (the halfway point).

 Bottle 10 is green over green the energy of wide open spaces.  The opportunity for the child within to create a new place or new space to live in.   Green is a combination of blue and yellow.  Blue links us back to the possibility of difficulties with parental role models with authority and role models similar to the energy of 9.  Not the same as before, it is a rehash from a slightly different perspective. The first authority that we know is parental, eventually we need to make peace with these role models within and without ourselves and find the peace of mind this brings.  For every time we judge others as not been good enough it is an indication that we also judge ourselves.  The Yellow portion of green is all about awakening to our bliss when we finally let go of past anxieties and confusion.  The alternative is remaining in fear!  Put the yellow and blue together and you have green – the opportunity for the child within to create a new place or a new space to live in – one based in peace and joy.  One of the biggest challenges of 10 is ensure that the space that you create is from your authentic self rather than what someone else wants you to be or have told you, you are.

Just as an interesting foot note we had two bottle 20s out in the shop at Soul Alchemy and somewhere within the first week of January they transformed into blue over coral from their original blue over pink!  This happens sometimes to the bottles, they transform in response to the energies around them and who is coming towards them.  The difference between pink and coral is the addition of yellow the colour of fear/joy.  So my take on their transformation is – you cannot give and receive unconditional love if you are afraid to loose it. Coral is about unrequited love!  Kinda cool really.  In case you are wondering these transformed bottles have already found their owners.

What’s Your New Years Resolution?

The end of the year is the end of an era, the new year brings with it the prospect of something new and better and so every year many make New Year Resolutions – promises to themselves that things are going to be different.

Unfortunately what happens is you are all fired up to carry out your new year’s resolution, but before long you find it is all too hard and your grand ideals of doing it different just fall by the wayside.  It’s about this time that you beat yourself up for being weak willed because you couldn’t stick to your resolution.

This probably sounds all too familiar, but you keep on doing it because you don’t know what else to do.  This is especially true for those who promise themselves to go on the latest diet.  So what else can you do besides use your will power to bring about change?  Simply you can change the unconscious patterns that keep your previous behaviour in place.  Every habit or behaviour that you have is there for a reason, it serves some purpose even though you may not be consciously aware of the purpose.  Consequently, if you use your will power to change behaviour, ultimately the unconscious mind will win out.  Will power is very hard to keep going over a long period especially when sabotage is coming from within.  It simply is not enough to decide to change!  Your decision is  the first step, then you need to discover why the offending habit or behaviour is there and what purpose it serves.  If you can eliminate the need and purpose for the habit, behaviour will change easily and effortlessly without the need for the high end energy usage to force to override which we call will power.


Some of you are already aware that I am maintaining three FaceBook pages.  If you are not aware and you would like to access them click the following links:

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Whether you are an avid FB user or only an occasional user you will find regular instantaneous updates, points of interest, up and coming workshops and the like.   And simply it is another way to contact me if you need to.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has often been associated with Epstein Barr Virus or Glandula Fever.  The problem for some is they never get over their bout of Glandula Fever or sometimes chronic fatigue manifests without apparent cause.  Now researchers are looking at the possibility that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by a Retro Virus.  What is a Retro Virus you may ask? Well, a retro virus is an ancient virus that mostly lays dormant in our reproductive cells and is therefore passed from one generation to another.  Given the right conditions these virus “wake-up” and start replicating.  So far they have been linked to HIV and cancer.  The interesting thing about the Retro-virus is that it does not have any DNA only RNA and yet from it’s RNA it can create DNA.  This is the reverse of what usually happens.  Normally our bodies transcribe RNA from DNA, therefore Retro Viruses engage in reverse-transcription.  The problem is reverse-transcription is not very robust and lots of errors are made, which could account for individual variation in disease presentation. 

For me the fact that our bodies carry ancient virus within our reproductive cells, demonstrates transfer of immunity through our gene pool it also gives a biological explanation of the concept of Miasms within Homoeopathy.  Miasms are inherited disease state potentials of which psoriasis is one such expression. 

The other interesting thing is that one theory on aging is that the Telomerase which sits at the end of our DNA makes mistakes overtime leading to aging.  The Telomerase uses reverse-transcription!

So we will have to wait and see where this all ends, but it does raise some very interesting metaphysical questions and perhaps also provides some as well.

My Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

One of the things I have noticed when treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that individuals who express this disease state seem to be unable to produce the energy they require to maintain normal function.  Unfortunately, once this low energy state has become chronic, even if the body is given the right supplements, herbs or whatever they cannot raise enough energy to utilize these nutrients in a beneficial way.  What I have found useful is supplementation with Membrane Complex which provides novel nutrients based on the pioneering work of DR. Hans A. Nieper.  The patented nutrients actually patch cell wall damage which in turn enables the cell to repair itself once it starts getting nutrition from outside.

I also use my APS Device which delivers ATP, the cells energy molecule directly to the cell without the cell needing to produce it itself.  A bit like plugging yourself into a power socket.  An APS session increases your ATP by 500% in a 12 hour period, thus giving the body the chance to detox or repair itself with “free” energy.  If you would like to know more about the APS Devise and what it can do and be used for click here

Be Allergy Free Hair Analysis Feedback

I have been getting some fabulous results! One client is finally able to breath after having blocked sinuses for as long as she can remember.  Others are feeling more energized and for others their digestive problems are resolving.  One doggy client who had a seriously nasty rash on their chest is becoming rash free simply by eliminated a few food items.  Much better than cortisone cream which only masked the problem and wasn’t working terribly well anyway.

If you would like more information on how you can have a food sensitivity analysis carried out using a sample of your hair please email me a give me a ring at my clinic

Birthday Wishes Surprise!

During the year you will receive an email from me around the first of the month in which your birthday falls.  This offer is only for clients and for those clients whose email I have on file.  January’s surprise has already been sent.  If you have a birthday in January and did not receive an email please let me know.  Likewise, if you do not get one at the beginning of your birthday month please let me know.  Unfortunately, I am not infallible and neither is an email programme and sometimes things go astray.

In the mean time I hope that all of you who had a birthday in January have a fabulous day!

News Flash

The babies arrived on January  20th after a 5 hour crate trip from Tassie, Dexter and Lilly are doing well and I am growing a mop on my arm!

November Newsletter 2009

Hi Everyone,

This is my new look newsletter that I told you was coming back in August.  Sometimes the wheels of progress move slowly.  I am endeavouring to convert you all to a email version.  Email newsletters will allow me to communicate with  you more  regularly  as  they are not as  time and labour intensive.  You are receiving this printed newsletter because I don’t have your email.  If you wish to receive future newsletters you will need to forward your email to me or go to my information page on my website.  From now on printed newsletters will become a thing of the past.

In addition to newsletter from me you will also  have  the opportunity  to receive newsletters from Soul Alchemy (my shop at Gawler) informing you of courses that we are running and items of interest from a retail perspective.  Fortunately, with my new email software you will be able to choose which newsletter you want to receive and you can update your preferences at anytime. 

It’s the Sneezing Season Again for Some!

Allergies from food, animal and plant proteins can be very debilitating for some individuals. An allergic response can range from gastric upset, runny nose, headache, itchy eyes, mouth, hives, asthma and sometimes life-threatening anaphylaxis.  From a biochemical point of view there is a big difference between a true allergy, an intolerance and or sensitivity.  Most in-tolerances or sensitivities can be remedied using a variety of means.

Most, allergy sufferers will tell you that modern medical options of anti-histamines have limited effectiveness.  Some work for awhile and then loose effectiveness over time, because you body builds up a tolerance to the drugs. Have you ever noticed that after awhile your favorite shampoo or skin care product doesn’t seem to work as well? It’s the same with anti-histamines or anything that is primarily unnatural or is man-made chemical based.  One solution is to continually change the type of anti-histamine. 

Anti-histamines are not without their side effects:-

nervousness, dizziness, upset stomach, dry mouth, dry nose and cost, they are not a good long term solution.

 My preferred solution is that you endeavour to find out  why your body’s immune system is so super sensitive.  Cos, in case you haven’t noticed not everyone has allergies.  From a metaphysical point of view allergies are often associated with feeling powerless, feeling that the outside world and those in it are far more powerful than you.  Which is pretty much what is happening  with your immune  system, it is being exposed  to outside substances, that it is unable to neutralize or handle and therefore it treats the substances as a pathogen.  However, unlike a virus or bacteria the body does not build up immunity.  This is the problem, some individual build up immunity and others do not.  Those who do not have allergies.

Alternative Treatment Options

1. Use a saline solution to flush out pollens and dust from you nose

2. Breath through your nose

3. Vitamin A – immune booster and anti-inflammatory effect

4. Omega-3 – reduces inflammation

5. Quercetin – helps neutralize histamine

6. Resolve issues of powerlessness

7. Detox your intra-cellular space using homeopathics

8. I can prescribe a desensitization program using homeopathics

9. Reduce your stress levels

10. I can also herbals that can down regulate your cellular immune response

11.  If your allergy is dietary related, then have your hair tested to find out which foods are bio-compatible for you

The choice is yours, if you keep doing what you have always done,

you will continue to get more of the same!

 Some New Research Regarding Allergies

Omega-3 supplementation in pregnancy and lactation can decrease the risk of food allergy and IgE-associated eczema during the first year of life in infants  with  a family history of allergic disease.

 Dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids (1000mg), zinc (15mg) and vitamin C (200mg) either singly or in-combination significantly improved asthma control tests, pulmonary function tests and pulmonary inflammatory markers with moderately persistent bronchial asthma.

 Low dietary intakes or vitamins A and C are statistically associated with increased risk of asthma.

 Insufficient Vitamin D (or sunlight) are associated with increased markers of allergy and asthma severity in children

Would you like to take a tour of my magical healing garden?

Follow the link www.shamarievirtualtour.com

I am extending  My August’s Special offer

Have  your  hair  tested  for to determine which foods are best suited to you before the end of December & you will pay only $175 a saving of $20

And I almost forgot – 

Last newsletter I introduced you to the  new  service  of having your hair tested for food compatibility.  As I had the test completed myself I thought I would give you some personal feedback.  Essentially, I didn’t consider that I had any food issues, however my results showed that I needed to avoid chicken, beef and most wheat.  Which wasn’t as hard as it might sound.  After a few false starts I have eliminated these foods from my diet for 3 months.  To my surprise I am feeling much healthier and I have lost the bloating that I never realised that I had.

And last but not least I hope you enjoyed this very brief newsletter.  Don’t forget that if you want to receive any future newsletters you will have to forward your email to me as soon as possible, preferable right while you remember.  Or go to the information page on my website and signup

 I wish you the best in health


August Newsletter 2009

Hi Everyone,

It seems to be getting longer and longer between newsletters apart from the quickies I have sent you recently regarding courses at Soul Alchemy. My intention is to send out a monthly newsletter and with this in mind this will be the last newsletter in this format.  The next newsletter will be an e-Newsletter.  So stay tuned.  There are lots of new things happening in my clinic and at Soul Alchemy – all aimed at providing better healthcare options for you. I Hope you enjoy the newsletter

See you in clinic soon,

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Surviving the Swine Flue!

The World Health Organisation has declared a global pandemic raising its alert to the maximum level of six. NOTE: the pandemic status “refers to the virus’ geographical spread, not its severity”.  A total of 74 countries are now affected, with 30,000 people contracting the virus worldwide and over 140 deaths – a sustained average of 2 deaths per day since the outbreak 10 weeks ago – this is around 1% of the death rate caused by influenza each year in the USA alone and less than ¼ of Australia’s annual death rate from common flu.  The media is attempting to create mass hysteria, unfortunately with some success!  You can either decided to be part of this hysteria or choose to inform yourself of the facts and take sensible precautions.

The sensible precautions option:-

Keep your immune system strong – This also applies to all viruses including “normal” flu.  So some easy steps to keep your immune system strong are:

  1. Make sure you get adequate rest & exercise
  2. Reduce the demands placed upon your body and therefore you immune system caused by mental, emotional and physical stress.
  3. Eat well in particular fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Add garlic, onion, ginger, sprouts, mushrooms, cinnamon and cloves to your diet
  5. Drink freshly prepared orange juice, lemon juice and green tea
  6. If you think you are going to be exposed, then prepare yourself by:- taking a dose of one dessertspoon of Cod liver oil 3 times per week for adults. If you think you have a weak immunity, a daily dose is recommended. One teaspoon per day of Cod Liver oil for children will help to keep them healthy with a strong immune system. 
  7. If you contract an infection of any kind remember to stop taking any ginseng herbals.  There are a few other herbs that are “building” herbs that should not be taken when you have an infection.  If you are unsure, ask me!


If you get symptoms then act immediately or as soon as possible.  It is far easier to halt an infection before it has had a chance to take hold.  The following steps should help to resolve your symptoms and help you clear the Flu from you system as quick as possible.

  1. REST
  2. Take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil
  3. Take 2 grams of Vitamin C
  4. Take some Echinacea and Astragalus
  5. Drink plenty of fluids


Water Man – Mineralize, Alkalize and Energize       

The Water Man is a fabulous new product that I have available.  I have been trialling the product for a couple of weeks now after it was recommended to me by another practitioner.  Many of you have been prescribed liquid minerals and know how they improve your over all health.  Some of you have also been given Alkala N powder with  the  miracle  drink to re-alkalize your internal chemistry. For those of you who don’t know the value of minerals to your health or why you need to have an alkaline environment check out my previous newsletters www.shamarie.com.au Or alternatively, speak to me when you are next in my clinic.

The thing that I have most noticed about the water from The Water Man is that it tastes really nice and in fact it is quite addictive – I have regain a natural thirst for water.  One big difference with the water from this water filter is that it has been mineralized and magnetized to re-energize the water which you don’t get with regular water filter. 

Some people have experienced improved behaviour of ADD/ADHD children, reduction in skin problems, lowering of blood sugar irregularities, increased energy and of course overall improvement of general health and wellbeing.

If you would like a portable Water Man you can either purchase it from myself at Blackwood or from Soul Alchemy, at Gawler

RRP $59.95

If anyone would like further technical details let me know and I will send you the information.

Research Snippets

Is Cannabis Safe?

The 60s generation touted cannabis as the safe drug.  There has always been doubts concerning whether cannabis increases the likelihood of psychosis (delusional thoughts that do not reflect reality).  A review taken from the Lancet Journal 2007 (307) correlated results from 35 studies which have followed groups of young people over several years.  What they discovered is that the evidence does indeed support the assertion that cannabis is directly linked to psychotic illness.  The average increased risk is about 40%, but can quadruple with heavy consumption.  Whilst there is a direct link between cannabis consumption and psychosis, it does not appear to increase the risk of depression and anxiety.  I know you all probably thought this anyway!

Another Plus for Fish Oils

Salicylate is a phytochemical present in a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.  It is also the bases of Aspirin before it was synthesized in the labortary.  If you have an intolerance to salicylate it can be very debilitating as it is in such a wide variety of food.  Some common symptoms are asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, nasal polyps, skin rash, swelling and mouth ulcers. When clients present with salicylate intolerance, I can sometimes remedy the situation using homoeopathics.  Sometimes, the body is unresponsive to this approach.  UK research has shown that a daily does of 1800 mg EPA and 1200 mg DHA significantly improved their symptoms.  A reduction of their consumption of fish oil resulted in recurrence of symptoms.

Researching Aggression

Dr William Walsh from the Pfeiffer Treatment Centre (PTC) has been researching violent behaviour of convicted criminals and ex-convicts since the 1970s.  His research found neurotransmitter such as serotonin, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and hormones play a vital role in aggressive behaviour such as ADHD.

According to the PTC, about 90% of people with behaviour disorders fit into one of the four following biochemical groups.  Type A and B have multiple chemical imbalances.  Type C have malabsorbtion with multiple deficiencies and Type D had hypoglycaemia with low chromium and manganese. Type A, B and C had low zinc and high lead and cadmium.  Type A  had low sodium and abnormal histamine whereas B had high sodium, kryptopyrroles and spermine.

From a behavioural perspective Type A had episodic outbursts, fighting and tantrums with some good behaviour.  Type B were pathological liars, sociopaths or violent types.  Type C were non-voilent but abusive and irritable.  Type C were non-violent and tired.

(taken from an article written by a Perth Nutritionist Blake Graham)

With increasing aggression being experienced from our children, it’s good to see that research is being done. It is a shame of course that they don’t also research the impact of mental, emotional and spiritual health and how that can be mediated using spiritual healing techniques such as Biosenetics.  Any solution to the increasing incidence of aggression in our society will need to take a wholistic approach – Mind, Body & Soul.

Anti-Aging – Growth Hormone

As we grow older we can experience diminished levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  Apart from premature aging subclinical deficiency of HGH can cause weight gain, bone loss and fatigue.  Some authorities suggest HGH injections, however these can come at a high cost – liver toxicity, suppression of thyroid function, diabetes and fluid retention.  There are safer and more body friendly ways of increasing HGH:

1)    Improve your insulin sensitivity

2)    HGH is stimulated after 4 hours of not eating

3)    Avoid household and environmental chemicals

4)    Avoid stress which inhibits HGH

5)    The last couple of hours of deep sleep cause a dramatic surge in HGH.  If you do not get 8 hours you are missing out

6)    Exercise

7)    Eat protein

8)    Ensure that your levels of progesterone are adequate using herbals

9)    Ensure adequate levels of testosterone through herbs and exercise

10) Supplement Zinc, which increases HGH binding

11) Supplement magnesium and chromium which decrease insulin

12) Amino acids ornithine and arginine convert to HGH.  Glutamine may also be helpful

I also have an excellent herbal preparation that is designed to assist with HGH stimulation safely without any negative side effects.  If you want to know more ask me about Re)Joovina and CelClear.

And let’s not forget the best way of keeping yourself young………….Keep growing spiritually, changing your mind by opening up to new possibilities and new ways of being and doing!


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand” –  Einstein


Be Allergy Free through Bio-Compatibility Testing

I have recently teamed up the Dennis Hodges of Naturopathic Services P/L.  Dennis has been working as a naturopath for a very long time (more than me).  He has spent 10 years developing a system for testing your energy through a hair sample using Radionics to assess which foods are bio-compatible for you.  In other words he has taken the concept of bio-individuality for foods even further than the Blood Type Diet.

This system tests more that what you are intolerant to but also highlights what is good for you.  Dennis can test around 300 food stuffs against your hair to see which foods you should avoid and which foods are okay to eat.  So far he has done over 15,000 tests world wide with amazing results. 

As always I usually trial something new before I offer it to you.  I had my test done on August 1st and I have eliminated a few foods. Even though I didn’t consider that I had any major food intolerances I am already feeling lighter, more energetic and bloating is a thing of the past.

Dennis is a man after my own heart, he sees everything as energy and therefore if you are eating food (energy) that is bio-compatible with your energy you are going to find your body will bloom with good health.

There is no need to have a consult to have your hair tested.  Just ask me to send you out the paper work and we can take it from there.

The normal cost is $195

however  if you have your hair tested between now and September 5th your introductory cost will be  $175


Low Self-esteem and Materialism Go Together

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

~From the movie Fight Club, based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk

Researchers have found that low self-esteem and materialism are not just a correlation, but also a causal relationship where low self esteem increases materialism, and materialism can also create low self-esteem. They also found that as self esteem increases, materialism decreases. The study primarily focused on how this relationship affects children and adolescents. Lan Nguyen Chaplin (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Deborah Roedder John (University of Minnesota) found that even a simple gesture to raise self-esteem dramatically decreased materialism, which provides a way to cope with insecurity.  Researchers found that “By the time children reach early adolescence, and experience a decline in self-esteem, the stage is set for the use of material possessions as a coping strategy for feelings of low self-worth”   The paradox that findings such as these bring up, is that consumerism is good for the economy but bad for the individual. In the short run, it’s good for the economy when young people believe they need to buy an entirely new wardrobe every year, for example. But the hidden cost is much higher than the dollar amount. There are costs in happiness when people believe that their value is extrinsic. There are also environmental costs associated with widespread materialism.  In the book “Happiness: Lessons From a New Science”, Richard Layard exposes a paradox at the heart of our lives. Most of us want more income so we can consume more. Yet as societies become richer, they do not become happier. In fact, the First World has more depression, more alcoholism and more crime than fifty years ago. This paradox is true of Britain, the United States, continental Europe and Japan.

Statistically people have more things than they did 50 years ago, but they are actually less happy in several key areas. There is also the considerable cost of what materialism does to the environment. We don’t yet know what final toll that could take in terms of quality of life and overall happiness. What many people don’t understand is that if we want to save the environment then at some level we have to buy and consume less. We don’t need to buy so much bottled water, for example. Studies have shown it’s usually not any purer than city tap water, which doesn’t leave mountains of plastic bottles strewn across the nation’s landfills. It also wastes energy and resources to make those plastic bottles and the many other unnecessary things that both youth and adults alike believe they need to have in order to enjoy life and feel good about themselves.

Sure, one person being less materialistic isn’t going to make a noticeable impact on the environment, but it will make a positive impact in that one life. Once entire nations start to understand the myths about what really makes individuals happy, the world will stand a fighting chance.

“Be The Difference You Want To See In The World.”
~Mahatma Gandi.

Article taken from the Daily Galaxy – Posted by Rebecca Sato

What’s Up at Soul Alchemy?

August 30, 2009

1.00-5.00 p.m.


Understanding Spiritual Healing

This thought provoking workshop will be a combination of experience, information and discussion, so feel free to bring your questions.  Shamarie can not guarantee that she will be able to answer all of your questions but she will do her best.  Some of the topics covered:

  • What is healing?
  • What are the different types of energy?
  • Channelling & Medium-ship
  • What limits healing?
  • What are the ethics of energy exchange?
  • Can anyone be a healer?
  • A brief cultural and historical view of energy and healing


Complimentary $25.00 gift voucher towards your next healing session with Shamarie for all attendants


Congratulations to our new

Reiki One channels:

Ashlyn, Leanne, Valerie and Taiha

For those of you who are Reiki II channels we have some beautiful crystals in stock that have been etched in gold with the Reiki symbols.