February 2010 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Here we are 2010, we can now leave behind the heaviness and stuckness of the 9 energy of 2009.

As many of you are aware my dear pug Zak passed away last September not long after his 14th birthday.   The good news is that I am awaiting arrival of two beautiful little pugs from Tasmania, soon it will be their cheerful little faces that greet you at the door!

My Numerological (using Aura-Soma) Forecast 2010

2010 brings with it the opportunity of fresh new spaces.  In the aura-soma system 20 is the energy of the “star Child”.  Bottle 20 blue over pink –  we have been working with this energy since the turn of the century.  

Bottle 20 encourages us to heal our inner child, allow our inner child to grow to maturity and balance the male and female within.  Once each of us heals our inner selves we will be able to feel the unconditional love and acceptance that we all crave.  This of course will also mean that we will then be able to communicate love and acceptance to others.  It is often our lack of love and self-acceptance that is at the root of our desire to control and dominate our environment and those in it.  The 9 energy of last year was how the “child” responded to authority, this year we move onto 10 – (the halfway point).

 Bottle 10 is green over green the energy of wide open spaces.  The opportunity for the child within to create a new place or new space to live in.   Green is a combination of blue and yellow.  Blue links us back to the possibility of difficulties with parental role models with authority and role models similar to the energy of 9.  Not the same as before, it is a rehash from a slightly different perspective. The first authority that we know is parental, eventually we need to make peace with these role models within and without ourselves and find the peace of mind this brings.  For every time we judge others as not been good enough it is an indication that we also judge ourselves.  The Yellow portion of green is all about awakening to our bliss when we finally let go of past anxieties and confusion.  The alternative is remaining in fear!  Put the yellow and blue together and you have green – the opportunity for the child within to create a new place or a new space to live in – one based in peace and joy.  One of the biggest challenges of 10 is ensure that the space that you create is from your authentic self rather than what someone else wants you to be or have told you, you are.

Just as an interesting foot note we had two bottle 20s out in the shop at Soul Alchemy and somewhere within the first week of January they transformed into blue over coral from their original blue over pink!  This happens sometimes to the bottles, they transform in response to the energies around them and who is coming towards them.  The difference between pink and coral is the addition of yellow the colour of fear/joy.  So my take on their transformation is – you cannot give and receive unconditional love if you are afraid to loose it. Coral is about unrequited love!  Kinda cool really.  In case you are wondering these transformed bottles have already found their owners.

What’s Your New Years Resolution?

The end of the year is the end of an era, the new year brings with it the prospect of something new and better and so every year many make New Year Resolutions – promises to themselves that things are going to be different.

Unfortunately what happens is you are all fired up to carry out your new year’s resolution, but before long you find it is all too hard and your grand ideals of doing it different just fall by the wayside.  It’s about this time that you beat yourself up for being weak willed because you couldn’t stick to your resolution.

This probably sounds all too familiar, but you keep on doing it because you don’t know what else to do.  This is especially true for those who promise themselves to go on the latest diet.  So what else can you do besides use your will power to bring about change?  Simply you can change the unconscious patterns that keep your previous behaviour in place.  Every habit or behaviour that you have is there for a reason, it serves some purpose even though you may not be consciously aware of the purpose.  Consequently, if you use your will power to change behaviour, ultimately the unconscious mind will win out.  Will power is very hard to keep going over a long period especially when sabotage is coming from within.  It simply is not enough to decide to change!  Your decision is  the first step, then you need to discover why the offending habit or behaviour is there and what purpose it serves.  If you can eliminate the need and purpose for the habit, behaviour will change easily and effortlessly without the need for the high end energy usage to force to override which we call will power.


Some of you are already aware that I am maintaining three FaceBook pages.  If you are not aware and you would like to access them click the following links:

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Shamarie’s Body and Mind Therapies:

Shamarie Flavel

Whether you are an avid FB user or only an occasional user you will find regular instantaneous updates, points of interest, up and coming workshops and the like.   And simply it is another way to contact me if you need to.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has often been associated with Epstein Barr Virus or Glandula Fever.  The problem for some is they never get over their bout of Glandula Fever or sometimes chronic fatigue manifests without apparent cause.  Now researchers are looking at the possibility that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by a Retro Virus.  What is a Retro Virus you may ask? Well, a retro virus is an ancient virus that mostly lays dormant in our reproductive cells and is therefore passed from one generation to another.  Given the right conditions these virus “wake-up” and start replicating.  So far they have been linked to HIV and cancer.  The interesting thing about the Retro-virus is that it does not have any DNA only RNA and yet from it’s RNA it can create DNA.  This is the reverse of what usually happens.  Normally our bodies transcribe RNA from DNA, therefore Retro Viruses engage in reverse-transcription.  The problem is reverse-transcription is not very robust and lots of errors are made, which could account for individual variation in disease presentation. 

For me the fact that our bodies carry ancient virus within our reproductive cells, demonstrates transfer of immunity through our gene pool it also gives a biological explanation of the concept of Miasms within Homoeopathy.  Miasms are inherited disease state potentials of which psoriasis is one such expression. 

The other interesting thing is that one theory on aging is that the Telomerase which sits at the end of our DNA makes mistakes overtime leading to aging.  The Telomerase uses reverse-transcription!

So we will have to wait and see where this all ends, but it does raise some very interesting metaphysical questions and perhaps also provides some as well.

My Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

One of the things I have noticed when treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that individuals who express this disease state seem to be unable to produce the energy they require to maintain normal function.  Unfortunately, once this low energy state has become chronic, even if the body is given the right supplements, herbs or whatever they cannot raise enough energy to utilize these nutrients in a beneficial way.  What I have found useful is supplementation with Membrane Complex which provides novel nutrients based on the pioneering work of DR. Hans A. Nieper.  The patented nutrients actually patch cell wall damage which in turn enables the cell to repair itself once it starts getting nutrition from outside.

I also use my APS Device which delivers ATP, the cells energy molecule directly to the cell without the cell needing to produce it itself.  A bit like plugging yourself into a power socket.  An APS session increases your ATP by 500% in a 12 hour period, thus giving the body the chance to detox or repair itself with “free” energy.  If you would like to know more about the APS Devise and what it can do and be used for click here

Be Allergy Free Hair Analysis Feedback

I have been getting some fabulous results! One client is finally able to breath after having blocked sinuses for as long as she can remember.  Others are feeling more energized and for others their digestive problems are resolving.  One doggy client who had a seriously nasty rash on their chest is becoming rash free simply by eliminated a few food items.  Much better than cortisone cream which only masked the problem and wasn’t working terribly well anyway.

If you would like more information on how you can have a food sensitivity analysis carried out using a sample of your hair please email me a give me a ring at my clinic

Birthday Wishes Surprise!

During the year you will receive an email from me around the first of the month in which your birthday falls.  This offer is only for clients and for those clients whose email I have on file.  January’s surprise has already been sent.  If you have a birthday in January and did not receive an email please let me know.  Likewise, if you do not get one at the beginning of your birthday month please let me know.  Unfortunately, I am not infallible and neither is an email programme and sometimes things go astray.

In the mean time I hope that all of you who had a birthday in January have a fabulous day!

News Flash

The babies arrived on January  20th after a 5 hour crate trip from Tassie, Dexter and Lilly are doing well and I am growing a mop on my arm!

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