November Newsletter 2009

Hi Everyone,

This is my new look newsletter that I told you was coming back in August.  Sometimes the wheels of progress move slowly.  I am endeavouring to convert you all to a email version.  Email newsletters will allow me to communicate with  you more  regularly  as  they are not as  time and labour intensive.  You are receiving this printed newsletter because I don’t have your email.  If you wish to receive future newsletters you will need to forward your email to me or go to my information page on my website.  From now on printed newsletters will become a thing of the past.

In addition to newsletter from me you will also  have  the opportunity  to receive newsletters from Soul Alchemy (my shop at Gawler) informing you of courses that we are running and items of interest from a retail perspective.  Fortunately, with my new email software you will be able to choose which newsletter you want to receive and you can update your preferences at anytime. 

It’s the Sneezing Season Again for Some!

Allergies from food, animal and plant proteins can be very debilitating for some individuals. An allergic response can range from gastric upset, runny nose, headache, itchy eyes, mouth, hives, asthma and sometimes life-threatening anaphylaxis.  From a biochemical point of view there is a big difference between a true allergy, an intolerance and or sensitivity.  Most in-tolerances or sensitivities can be remedied using a variety of means.

Most, allergy sufferers will tell you that modern medical options of anti-histamines have limited effectiveness.  Some work for awhile and then loose effectiveness over time, because you body builds up a tolerance to the drugs. Have you ever noticed that after awhile your favorite shampoo or skin care product doesn’t seem to work as well? It’s the same with anti-histamines or anything that is primarily unnatural or is man-made chemical based.  One solution is to continually change the type of anti-histamine. 

Anti-histamines are not without their side effects:-

nervousness, dizziness, upset stomach, dry mouth, dry nose and cost, they are not a good long term solution.

 My preferred solution is that you endeavour to find out  why your body’s immune system is so super sensitive.  Cos, in case you haven’t noticed not everyone has allergies.  From a metaphysical point of view allergies are often associated with feeling powerless, feeling that the outside world and those in it are far more powerful than you.  Which is pretty much what is happening  with your immune  system, it is being exposed  to outside substances, that it is unable to neutralize or handle and therefore it treats the substances as a pathogen.  However, unlike a virus or bacteria the body does not build up immunity.  This is the problem, some individual build up immunity and others do not.  Those who do not have allergies.

Alternative Treatment Options

1. Use a saline solution to flush out pollens and dust from you nose

2. Breath through your nose

3. Vitamin A – immune booster and anti-inflammatory effect

4. Omega-3 – reduces inflammation

5. Quercetin – helps neutralize histamine

6. Resolve issues of powerlessness

7. Detox your intra-cellular space using homeopathics

8. I can prescribe a desensitization program using homeopathics

9. Reduce your stress levels

10. I can also herbals that can down regulate your cellular immune response

11.  If your allergy is dietary related, then have your hair tested to find out which foods are bio-compatible for you

The choice is yours, if you keep doing what you have always done,

you will continue to get more of the same!

 Some New Research Regarding Allergies

Omega-3 supplementation in pregnancy and lactation can decrease the risk of food allergy and IgE-associated eczema during the first year of life in infants  with  a family history of allergic disease.

 Dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids (1000mg), zinc (15mg) and vitamin C (200mg) either singly or in-combination significantly improved asthma control tests, pulmonary function tests and pulmonary inflammatory markers with moderately persistent bronchial asthma.

 Low dietary intakes or vitamins A and C are statistically associated with increased risk of asthma.

 Insufficient Vitamin D (or sunlight) are associated with increased markers of allergy and asthma severity in children

Would you like to take a tour of my magical healing garden?

Follow the link

I am extending  My August’s Special offer

Have  your  hair  tested  for to determine which foods are best suited to you before the end of December & you will pay only $175 a saving of $20

And I almost forgot – 

Last newsletter I introduced you to the  new  service  of having your hair tested for food compatibility.  As I had the test completed myself I thought I would give you some personal feedback.  Essentially, I didn’t consider that I had any food issues, however my results showed that I needed to avoid chicken, beef and most wheat.  Which wasn’t as hard as it might sound.  After a few false starts I have eliminated these foods from my diet for 3 months.  To my surprise I am feeling much healthier and I have lost the bloating that I never realised that I had.

And last but not least I hope you enjoyed this very brief newsletter.  Don’t forget that if you want to receive any future newsletters you will have to forward your email to me as soon as possible, preferable right while you remember.  Or go to the information page on my website and signup

 I wish you the best in health


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