August Newsletter 2009

Hi Everyone,

It seems to be getting longer and longer between newsletters apart from the quickies I have sent you recently regarding courses at Soul Alchemy. My intention is to send out a monthly newsletter and with this in mind this will be the last newsletter in this format.  The next newsletter will be an e-Newsletter.  So stay tuned.  There are lots of new things happening in my clinic and at Soul Alchemy – all aimed at providing better healthcare options for you. I Hope you enjoy the newsletter

See you in clinic soon,

warm regards 


Surviving the Swine Flue!

The World Health Organisation has declared a global pandemic raising its alert to the maximum level of six. NOTE: the pandemic status “refers to the virus’ geographical spread, not its severity”.  A total of 74 countries are now affected, with 30,000 people contracting the virus worldwide and over 140 deaths – a sustained average of 2 deaths per day since the outbreak 10 weeks ago – this is around 1% of the death rate caused by influenza each year in the USA alone and less than ¼ of Australia’s annual death rate from common flu.  The media is attempting to create mass hysteria, unfortunately with some success!  You can either decided to be part of this hysteria or choose to inform yourself of the facts and take sensible precautions.

The sensible precautions option:-

Keep your immune system strong – This also applies to all viruses including “normal” flu.  So some easy steps to keep your immune system strong are:

  1. Make sure you get adequate rest & exercise
  2. Reduce the demands placed upon your body and therefore you immune system caused by mental, emotional and physical stress.
  3. Eat well in particular fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Add garlic, onion, ginger, sprouts, mushrooms, cinnamon and cloves to your diet
  5. Drink freshly prepared orange juice, lemon juice and green tea
  6. If you think you are going to be exposed, then prepare yourself by:- taking a dose of one dessertspoon of Cod liver oil 3 times per week for adults. If you think you have a weak immunity, a daily dose is recommended. One teaspoon per day of Cod Liver oil for children will help to keep them healthy with a strong immune system. 
  7. If you contract an infection of any kind remember to stop taking any ginseng herbals.  There are a few other herbs that are “building” herbs that should not be taken when you have an infection.  If you are unsure, ask me!


If you get symptoms then act immediately or as soon as possible.  It is far easier to halt an infection before it has had a chance to take hold.  The following steps should help to resolve your symptoms and help you clear the Flu from you system as quick as possible.

  1. REST
  2. Take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil
  3. Take 2 grams of Vitamin C
  4. Take some Echinacea and Astragalus
  5. Drink plenty of fluids


Water Man – Mineralize, Alkalize and Energize       

The Water Man is a fabulous new product that I have available.  I have been trialling the product for a couple of weeks now after it was recommended to me by another practitioner.  Many of you have been prescribed liquid minerals and know how they improve your over all health.  Some of you have also been given Alkala N powder with  the  miracle  drink to re-alkalize your internal chemistry. For those of you who don’t know the value of minerals to your health or why you need to have an alkaline environment check out my previous newsletters Or alternatively, speak to me when you are next in my clinic.

The thing that I have most noticed about the water from The Water Man is that it tastes really nice and in fact it is quite addictive – I have regain a natural thirst for water.  One big difference with the water from this water filter is that it has been mineralized and magnetized to re-energize the water which you don’t get with regular water filter. 

Some people have experienced improved behaviour of ADD/ADHD children, reduction in skin problems, lowering of blood sugar irregularities, increased energy and of course overall improvement of general health and wellbeing.

If you would like a portable Water Man you can either purchase it from myself at Blackwood or from Soul Alchemy, at Gawler

RRP $59.95

If anyone would like further technical details let me know and I will send you the information.

Research Snippets

Is Cannabis Safe?

The 60s generation touted cannabis as the safe drug.  There has always been doubts concerning whether cannabis increases the likelihood of psychosis (delusional thoughts that do not reflect reality).  A review taken from the Lancet Journal 2007 (307) correlated results from 35 studies which have followed groups of young people over several years.  What they discovered is that the evidence does indeed support the assertion that cannabis is directly linked to psychotic illness.  The average increased risk is about 40%, but can quadruple with heavy consumption.  Whilst there is a direct link between cannabis consumption and psychosis, it does not appear to increase the risk of depression and anxiety.  I know you all probably thought this anyway!

Another Plus for Fish Oils

Salicylate is a phytochemical present in a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.  It is also the bases of Aspirin before it was synthesized in the labortary.  If you have an intolerance to salicylate it can be very debilitating as it is in such a wide variety of food.  Some common symptoms are asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, nasal polyps, skin rash, swelling and mouth ulcers. When clients present with salicylate intolerance, I can sometimes remedy the situation using homoeopathics.  Sometimes, the body is unresponsive to this approach.  UK research has shown that a daily does of 1800 mg EPA and 1200 mg DHA significantly improved their symptoms.  A reduction of their consumption of fish oil resulted in recurrence of symptoms.

Researching Aggression

Dr William Walsh from the Pfeiffer Treatment Centre (PTC) has been researching violent behaviour of convicted criminals and ex-convicts since the 1970s.  His research found neurotransmitter such as serotonin, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and hormones play a vital role in aggressive behaviour such as ADHD.

According to the PTC, about 90% of people with behaviour disorders fit into one of the four following biochemical groups.  Type A and B have multiple chemical imbalances.  Type C have malabsorbtion with multiple deficiencies and Type D had hypoglycaemia with low chromium and manganese. Type A, B and C had low zinc and high lead and cadmium.  Type A  had low sodium and abnormal histamine whereas B had high sodium, kryptopyrroles and spermine.

From a behavioural perspective Type A had episodic outbursts, fighting and tantrums with some good behaviour.  Type B were pathological liars, sociopaths or violent types.  Type C were non-voilent but abusive and irritable.  Type C were non-violent and tired.

(taken from an article written by a Perth Nutritionist Blake Graham)

With increasing aggression being experienced from our children, it’s good to see that research is being done. It is a shame of course that they don’t also research the impact of mental, emotional and spiritual health and how that can be mediated using spiritual healing techniques such as Biosenetics.  Any solution to the increasing incidence of aggression in our society will need to take a wholistic approach – Mind, Body & Soul.

Anti-Aging – Growth Hormone

As we grow older we can experience diminished levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  Apart from premature aging subclinical deficiency of HGH can cause weight gain, bone loss and fatigue.  Some authorities suggest HGH injections, however these can come at a high cost – liver toxicity, suppression of thyroid function, diabetes and fluid retention.  There are safer and more body friendly ways of increasing HGH:

1)    Improve your insulin sensitivity

2)    HGH is stimulated after 4 hours of not eating

3)    Avoid household and environmental chemicals

4)    Avoid stress which inhibits HGH

5)    The last couple of hours of deep sleep cause a dramatic surge in HGH.  If you do not get 8 hours you are missing out

6)    Exercise

7)    Eat protein

8)    Ensure that your levels of progesterone are adequate using herbals

9)    Ensure adequate levels of testosterone through herbs and exercise

10) Supplement Zinc, which increases HGH binding

11) Supplement magnesium and chromium which decrease insulin

12) Amino acids ornithine and arginine convert to HGH.  Glutamine may also be helpful

I also have an excellent herbal preparation that is designed to assist with HGH stimulation safely without any negative side effects.  If you want to know more ask me about Re)Joovina and CelClear.

And let’s not forget the best way of keeping yourself young………….Keep growing spiritually, changing your mind by opening up to new possibilities and new ways of being and doing!


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand” –  Einstein


Be Allergy Free through Bio-Compatibility Testing

I have recently teamed up the Dennis Hodges of Naturopathic Services P/L.  Dennis has been working as a naturopath for a very long time (more than me).  He has spent 10 years developing a system for testing your energy through a hair sample using Radionics to assess which foods are bio-compatible for you.  In other words he has taken the concept of bio-individuality for foods even further than the Blood Type Diet.

This system tests more that what you are intolerant to but also highlights what is good for you.  Dennis can test around 300 food stuffs against your hair to see which foods you should avoid and which foods are okay to eat.  So far he has done over 15,000 tests world wide with amazing results. 

As always I usually trial something new before I offer it to you.  I had my test done on August 1st and I have eliminated a few foods. Even though I didn’t consider that I had any major food intolerances I am already feeling lighter, more energetic and bloating is a thing of the past.

Dennis is a man after my own heart, he sees everything as energy and therefore if you are eating food (energy) that is bio-compatible with your energy you are going to find your body will bloom with good health.

There is no need to have a consult to have your hair tested.  Just ask me to send you out the paper work and we can take it from there.

The normal cost is $195

however  if you have your hair tested between now and September 5th your introductory cost will be  $175


Low Self-esteem and Materialism Go Together

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

~From the movie Fight Club, based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk

Researchers have found that low self-esteem and materialism are not just a correlation, but also a causal relationship where low self esteem increases materialism, and materialism can also create low self-esteem. They also found that as self esteem increases, materialism decreases. The study primarily focused on how this relationship affects children and adolescents. Lan Nguyen Chaplin (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Deborah Roedder John (University of Minnesota) found that even a simple gesture to raise self-esteem dramatically decreased materialism, which provides a way to cope with insecurity.  Researchers found that “By the time children reach early adolescence, and experience a decline in self-esteem, the stage is set for the use of material possessions as a coping strategy for feelings of low self-worth”   The paradox that findings such as these bring up, is that consumerism is good for the economy but bad for the individual. In the short run, it’s good for the economy when young people believe they need to buy an entirely new wardrobe every year, for example. But the hidden cost is much higher than the dollar amount. There are costs in happiness when people believe that their value is extrinsic. There are also environmental costs associated with widespread materialism.  In the book “Happiness: Lessons From a New Science”, Richard Layard exposes a paradox at the heart of our lives. Most of us want more income so we can consume more. Yet as societies become richer, they do not become happier. In fact, the First World has more depression, more alcoholism and more crime than fifty years ago. This paradox is true of Britain, the United States, continental Europe and Japan.

Statistically people have more things than they did 50 years ago, but they are actually less happy in several key areas. There is also the considerable cost of what materialism does to the environment. We don’t yet know what final toll that could take in terms of quality of life and overall happiness. What many people don’t understand is that if we want to save the environment then at some level we have to buy and consume less. We don’t need to buy so much bottled water, for example. Studies have shown it’s usually not any purer than city tap water, which doesn’t leave mountains of plastic bottles strewn across the nation’s landfills. It also wastes energy and resources to make those plastic bottles and the many other unnecessary things that both youth and adults alike believe they need to have in order to enjoy life and feel good about themselves.

Sure, one person being less materialistic isn’t going to make a noticeable impact on the environment, but it will make a positive impact in that one life. Once entire nations start to understand the myths about what really makes individuals happy, the world will stand a fighting chance.

“Be The Difference You Want To See In The World.”
~Mahatma Gandi.

Article taken from the Daily Galaxy – Posted by Rebecca Sato

What’s Up at Soul Alchemy?

August 30, 2009

1.00-5.00 p.m.


Understanding Spiritual Healing

This thought provoking workshop will be a combination of experience, information and discussion, so feel free to bring your questions.  Shamarie can not guarantee that she will be able to answer all of your questions but she will do her best.  Some of the topics covered:

  • What is healing?
  • What are the different types of energy?
  • Channelling & Medium-ship
  • What limits healing?
  • What are the ethics of energy exchange?
  • Can anyone be a healer?
  • A brief cultural and historical view of energy and healing


Complimentary $25.00 gift voucher towards your next healing session with Shamarie for all attendants


Congratulations to our new

Reiki One channels:

Ashlyn, Leanne, Valerie and Taiha

For those of you who are Reiki II channels we have some beautiful crystals in stock that have been etched in gold with the Reiki symbols.

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