2012 The Year of Beginnings, Endings and Change

This is the year that the ancient Mayan’s predicted as being the end of an age, that is of course providing we have interpreted their calendar accurately.   Hence, 2012 holds the hope and dreams for many who seek a better world.  For the Chinese it is just another year in their wheel of time; 2012 is a Water Dragon year – drama, vitality and change.  Drama is usually motivated with some kind of emotional charge. For the western mind water symbolizes flow and especially emotion.  The numerology, astrology or whatever of a year is the backdrop of the energies of the year, how we respond and interact with that energies is up to us. Whatever, you feel about the world and your place in it, 2012 will be what we collectively decide it will be.  Our collective decisions will be made on the basis of our individual inner realities.

As I previously said indicated in December 2011 (Soul of December), 2012 is going to be a year of facing our emotional selves.  Our bodies are emotional creatures by nature and yet we have had centuries of civilization were in we have systematically tried to suppress and eradicate emotion.  In pursuit of rationalism we have tried to divest ourselves from any sentiment or emotion, which essentially means we loose any feeling for context and bigger picture perspective.

2012 is a complicated creature, so grab yourselves a cupper and get yourselves comfy…

So lets look at the energy of 2012, by beginning with the Aura-Soma bottle 20 Blue over Pink, this bottle is called the Star Child/Child Rescue. Its primary impetus is the communication of unconditional love, which of course can only be extended out to others when we have first reached that state within ourselves.  Bottle 20 helps us find the child within, and heal that child. Our children are largely emotional beings with not much rational thought; however, suppression of emotion does not generate sound rational thought.   It is such a shame to be 30, 40 or 90 and still living your life through the emotional immaturity of a two-year-old child and usually a wounded child at that.   The hallmark of emotional maturity involves moving beyond childish temper tantrums, schoolyard or boardroom he said/she said feuds.  Emotional maturity is not about suppression of your emotions but mastery of them and in so doing becoming independent of the opinions and approvals of others. This however, does not mean that you no longer take into consideration the wellbeing of others.  With emotional maturity comes with awareness and responsibility.

20 can be broken down to 2, which is Bottle 2 blue over blue – peace on every level. The only way I know to create peace on planet earth is for each and every one of us to find peace within ourselves.  We all need to find the love an acceptance that comes from within.  Unfortunately we are taught from the time we leave the womb that we must seek love outside of ourselves. When we cannot find a satisfactory source many turn to drugs, prescribed or “recreational”, alcohol or the endless pursuit of things and people to make us happy.

Bottle 2 also embodies the energy of our struggle with authority.  Our first authorities were our parents.  If you have problems with authority, your unconscious mind will reproduce this experience in many different areas of your life.  We cannot have peace whilst we are still struggling with corrupt authority or uncaring institutions. The secret is to understand that we cannot change them from the outside; we must change them from within each and every one of us.  Peace on every level means within all the layers of our mind, body and soul.  Bottle 2 challenges us to become our own inner authority, which does not mean that we never listen to others or that we believe that we know everything.  But our own inner balanced authority that is based in unconditional love can be heard guiding us. Our inner authority is primarily for us and us alone, it should not be used to enslave others to our ways, a balanced inner authority naturally acknowledges and respects the inner authority of others.  An inner authority that suggests or demands dominion over others is corrupt. It is an honour and a privilege to have others listen to your inner wisdom and guidance not a right bestowed by virtue of social role, gender or age.

The final influence of hidden within Bottle 20 is Bottle 16 violet over violet.  Violet is obtained when you shake Bottle 20 and the pink and blue mix together producing violet.  Violet has always been associated with positions of power and authority traditionally because the colour was expensive to produce.  Bottle 16 is called the violet robe because it can hide a multitude of “sins”. Alluding to the fact that those in power and authority are not necessarily those who act from a balanced position.  A position of authority can become a vehicle of self service rather than service to the greater community as well as oneself.  In order for each individual to awaken to their own authority they must find their true self, which is beyond the emotional wounding that they carry.  The energy information to completely review who you are and what is right for you is all contained in violet over violet.   Violet is also the balance between heaven and earth and all should be very mindful of giving up worldly authority to only take on another authority in the form of spiritual guides etc.  In the end you must be your own authority, everything and everyone else is just information upon which to base your own choices.  With personal choice comes responsibility and accountability.

The frequency of bottle 20, 2 and 16 are the backbone of the 21st century.  We are currently 12 years in, you can judge for yourselves how well we are doing so far! Also as I have said in a previous post, bottle 20’s frequency links back to the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which preceded Atlantis.  We in Australia have a strong connection to Lemuria and particularly those of us here in SA.  Lemuria was a much more balanced society than Atlantis which eventually blew itself up.  Most, westerners still carry the scars of lessons not learnt from Atlantis.  If you look carefully at the world at the moment we are in danger of repeating the same mistakes.

Next lets look at the energy of Bottle 12, clear over blue the energy of December and the twelfth year.  This bottle is called Peace in the New Aeon.   As I indicated above 2012 is the year that many new agers have been heralding as the end of the old era and the beginning of the new, all based on the Mayan calendar.  Whether we change and create a new era or we just continue on with the same old same old will be up to each and every one of us.  Bottle 12 again brings to our door our issues of authority.  One of the major difference between authority issues of bottle 2 and bottle 12 is that the clear on top provides clarity, allows the light to be shown on some of the issues so that you can work through them.  So perhaps more than ever 2012 will bring the energies we require to work out what we need to sort out and how we are going to do it.  Bottle 12 encourages us to deal with the inner authority issues, particularly our own inner masculine rather than focus on the outer masculine. In the end it is one thing to hear our inner authority, it is another to willingly listen.  The clear in bottle 12 allows the light of awareness to dawn upon our consciousness and so we may finally “get it” – we are all part of the problem and therefore part of the solution.  This is a particularly important concept to understand – whatever is happening on the outside is also happening on the inside.  It is also important to understand that the mental reality that created the problem is not capable of changing its reality.  Change requires acceptance of a seemingly outer agency for change…but in the end it is just another aspect of us.

When you add 1 and 2 together you get Bottle 3 blue over green, this bottle is called the Atlantean/Heart Bottle.  This bottle embodies the crux of the emotional healing required for humanity to move forward.  Whenever I get a client with a 12 or 3 in their birth numbers I always have the difficult task of advising them that their soul is emotionally immature.  Many adults are affronted by this concept so let me explain.  Emotional maturity is obtained by going through the tough stuff of life, developing emotional muscle just as you would develop physical muscle.  Many souls have done their best to dodge this lesson.   As a result they carry enormous emotional wounding coupled with an emotional body that is severely underdeveloped.  With no inner reserves this person is always looking for things and people outside of themselves to make them happy or fix things for them. Emotional maturity and inner peace go hand in hand.  Emotional maturity brings inner contentment, self-reliance and self-love that no thing or person on the outside can disturb.  Emotional maturity brings with it the capacity to genuinely nurture not only yourself but also others from a different perspective. It is also important to note that Bottle 3 is the Atlantean bottle. Atlantis marked the end of our last incarnational cycle, when there was a change from matriarchal to patriarchal dominance.  As I mentioned before the vast majority of humanity is still carrying wounds from this cycle.  Everyone got a free pass at the change of ages; it is unlikely that this will occur again.  Each and every one of us needs to take individual responsibility for our soul’s progression. We have become caught up in the mental world and tried our best to suppress our emotions, not the best recipe for creating maturity!  We got our first taste of this in December now continues for 2012. Humanity needs to create a new heart space, where there is no separation between head and heart – they are one.  This can only happen when both the masculine and feminine, shadow and light, mental and emotional are of equal power and development.

Finally when you add together 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 you get bottle 5 yellow over red, the sunset bottle.  An interesting name for the bottle considering the possibility of 2012 being the end of an era.  This is why I like the Aura-Soma system so much, they are just so relevant to what is happening despite the fact they were created many years ago.  The challenge of bottle 5 is to use the energies that we have available to us wisely and ultimately follow our bliss.  When clients come to me and they have a 5 in their birthday they are usually very sensitive and are quite fractured due to severe trauma either in this life or previous lives.  You can easily translate that human condition to our current society, there has been enormous incidents of oppression, abuse to one another, to our environment and the other creatures we share it with.  This abuse and wounding is so endemic to our way of life it is hard to imagine how life would be without it.  But imagine we must, but before we can imagine we need to squarely face the emotional traumas that are imbedded in our social structures and therefore within ourselves.  Bottle 5 is not an easy lesson; it is something that we will need to work together on collectively.

When you shake bottle 5 the yellow and red mix together to produce orange – bottle 26 the Humpty Dumpty Bottle, which very nicely describes the inner work, required to heal the wounds of bottle 5.  Finding all the pieces no matter how small and putting them all back together again.  Every little piece is of equal importance, and so it is, in our world. Orange brings soothing energies that can help heal the emotional shocks that we contain within our bodies.  Orange is the colour of a belly chakra, our creative chakra, whether we use our creative energies to create further destruction or move towards peace and harmony, depends on our emotional state.  Orange has within it the capacity to facilitate deep emotional wounds and moving towards a state of bliss.  Orange is a good colour to wear to protect the emotional self.

Because bottle 5 is such an intense and complicated bottle it is worthwhile looking at the other bottles within the Aura-Soma system that are also yellow over red but paler in shade.

Bottle 22 yellow over pink, the rebirther’s bottle.  To go through a re-birth of consciousness requires finding a completely new perspective, awakening to the possibility that life could be different.  For me the new perspective of this bottle is to understand that we all have the capacity for good and evil and that we should own that capacity and yet still love ourselves unconditionally.  Once we understand the darker aspects of ourselves we can let go of our deepest fears and allow joy and love to flow through us, hence in this bottle the red has turned to the pink of love.

Bottle 59 pale yellow over pale pink the most intense form of bottle 5.  This bottle is called Lady Portia, the capacity for self-love.  This bottle offers the energies of the completion potential that bottle 5 started.  Being able to accept who you are without fear of judgment.  Finding that harmonious place deep within us that allows caring and warmth for the benefit of everyone.  Finally we can achieve interdependence.

2012 is going to be a big year!  So what can each and everyone of use do to navigate 2012 with ease and grace and be a part of the putting things back together again and moving into and new era?   In a nutshell, become conscious!  Develop the observer within and do try to creator an observer that is kind and loving rather than harsh and judgmental.  Then observe yourself, ask yourself – what motivates me to do this and that and what results am I getting from my actions, thoughts and feelings.  Actively choose to engage in healing and self-development, you don’t have to be really broken to benefit. Personal development and healing is not for the weak of mind, in actual fact it is for the courageous and strong.  Consider that you are probably only living to 1/10th of your potential.  For the world to change each and every one of us needs to be responsible for our little part in it.  You must be the change you want to see in the world.  If you don’t believe it is possible to heal and change, then we are already lost.  The main reason that society has not changed is that we have not changed internally at a very deep level.  We have changed our surface intellectual thoughts but not our deep emotional unconscious thoughts about others and ourselves.  And just to get you started January is bottle 1 blue over deep magenta – physical rescue.  Find away to listen to the communication of peace that can come from deep within you.  Nourish your physicality, acknowledge your shadow, bring it into balance and move on.  If you don’t know how which is the case for most people ask me I will show you how!

I thought I would end with some wisdom from Carl Jung: “one doesn’t solve problems; one outgrows them!”

The absolute keynote for 2012 – When problems arise, use them as an impetuous for change on the inside.

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