The Soul of February 2012

February the 2nd month of 2012 is embodied in Bottle 2. I discussed the issues of Bottle 2 in my previous article 2012 The Year of Beginnings, Endings and Change, in a nutshell, struggles with authority and finding peace on every level. So this time I thought I would take you a little deeper into the reality that we collectively participate in. A reality that robs us of inner authority and peace on every level.

Einstein is quoted as saying “the mind that created the problem cannot solve the problem” What does that actually mean? It means that a BMW can only be a BMW, a BMW’s attributes, how it handles, what it is capable of doing is bound up in it’s design and this design prevents or limits other possibilities that say a Holden may have. Even though they are both cars. Now lets assume that both cars are self aware enough to observe that they both have different capabilities than each other, perhaps the BMW wants to be a Holden and it was possible for the BMW to reinvent itself to look and behave life a Holden, and so it did! The question for you to answer is – even though the BMW is now a Holden has the reality for the car really changed? Or has the world of cars just shuffled around a bit and the fundamental reality of car world actually hasn’t changed. Then suppose rather than the BMW engage in self-transformation, it goes to an expert on car making to be part of the change over process. So again the BMW becomes a Holden but even with an expert has the world of cars really changed?

Our world has become increasingly complex, the software that runs our reality is constantly breaking down, world peace is tenuous, there are more “have nots” than “haves” in the world. We keep adding patches, reliant upon the “authorities” and experts to fix it for us, but they are part of the problem as are we.

So how do we find inner peace? How do we find our way to a new reality that is based on equality and freedom for all? How can we do this when as Einstein states “the mind that created the problem, cannot fix it!” We have to go within, if we do not go within and find a solution from our higher-mind, from our visionaries and mystics who can see beyond this reality we will find ourselves facing change in the ways that humanity has always faced it in the past…..War and environmental upheaval.

Have a great month everyone and start thinking outside the square or circle that you live in!

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