The Soul of December 2011

December is the 12th month of the year and as we are moving into 2012 next year December gives us a little taste of what next year has in store for us.  On the surface bottle 12 sounds wonderful, but the challenges of December come from bottle 3.  A bit like the Christmas season, all pretty and sparkly on the outside and yet under the surface things are not so rosy.

So let’s look at pretty and sparkly park first.   Bottle 12 is clear over blue and in the Aura-Soma system bottle 12 is called Peace in the New Aeon.  The energy of December has the potential for us all to find inner peace despite the fact that the “silly season” is upon us!  As we come to the end of 2011 and move into 2012 with all the end of the world hype, inner peace will be an essential quality.  Blue of course is the colour of the throat chakra, therefore the potential for peace will most likely come through our ability to communicate peacefully, truthfully and in ways that are nurturing to all concerned.  The downside of blue is of course feeling blue.  Depression comes from feeling of futility and the inability to effect change in our world.  Finding peace will come from a degree of letting go, applying the old principle of having the wisdom to know what you can change and what you cannot.

Peace in the New Aeon sounds all very wonderful but if you add 1 and 2  together  you get Bottle 3 blue over green and this bottle is called the Atlantean/Heart Bottle.  Bottle 3 reveals more of the challenges of December.  Whenever I get a client with a 12 or 3 in their birth numbers I always have the difficult task of advising them that their soul is emotionally immature.  Many adults are affronted by this concept so let me explain.  Emotional maturity is obtained by going through the tough stuff of life, developing emotional muscle just as you would develop physical muscle.  Many souls have done their best to dodge this lesson.   As a result they carry enormous emotional wounding coupled with an emotional body that is severely underdeveloped.  With no inner reserves this person is always looking for things and people outside of themselves to make them happy.  The Christmas season has become all about the shiny bright things on the outside.  Emotional maturity and inner peace go hand in hand.  Emotional maturity brings inner contentment, self-reliance and self-love that no thing or person on the outside can disturb.  Emotional maturity brings with it the capacity to genuinely nurture not only yourself but others from a different perspective.  The shadow side of green is jealousy and envy and unfortunately Christmas has a great potential to bring this out in ourselves when we are feeling needy and require outer things to make us feel good.

It is also important to note that Bottle 3 is the Atlantean bottle. Atlantis marked the end of our last incarnational cycle, when there was a change from matriarchal to patriarchal dominance.  What this means is that the vast majority of humanity is still carrying wounds from this cycle.  Everyone got a free pass at the change of ages, it is unlikely that this will occur again.  Each and every one of us needs to take individual responsibility for our soul’s progression. We have become caught up in the mental world and tried our best to suppress our emotions, not the best recipe for creating maturity!  Our challenge for December which will continue into 2012 is to create a new heart space, where there is no separation between head and heart – they are one.  This can only happen when both the masculine and feminine, shadow and light, mental and emotional are of equal power and development.

So take it easy this December, try not to get caught up in the world of bright shiny things and overindulgence in food and alcohol.  Sit with yourself and your loved ones, find joy and happiness in the little things that money cannot buy.  If you have ever considered personal development and spiritual growth then now and next year is certainly the time to begin.  Find your inner strength and peace –  Be the change you want to see in the world!

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