Tools to keep your space sparkly clean

After giving a talk on space clearing at McLaren Vale on Tuesday, I have had requests to recap the information contained within my talk.

White Sage Smudge Sticks

ImageWhite Sage smudge sticks are made from Salvia apiana which is different than the Sage that is used in cooking which is Salvia Officinalis.  The use of scent and scented smoke in rites of purification is very common in many traditional cultures around the world.  The use of white sage in particular comes from the Native American peoples.  It has been my experience that White Sage is a heavy duty cleanser of spaces. It is also the best and cheapest option for large spaces such as homes and offices.  To give your house a good clean make sure you smudge every room, particularly into the corners and then open all the windows and let it flow out.

Serapis Bey Quintessence and Air Conditioner

ImageSeraps Bey is an Aura-Soma product that is produced from a combinations of 45 different natural herbs and crystals.  I consider this to be equally strong in terms of removing negative energy however, the cost makes it a little prohibitive for large areas.  However, it does have the advantage of being pleasant to smell and does not leave a residual smell.  Serapis Bey is very useful for spaces where you don’t want to have a strong smell linger for a 24 hour period.  Excellent choice for shop products, furniture crystals and personal use.  It is also very quick and easy – no smoke and you can take it with you any were and it can be used very discretely.  There are some secrets I can let you in on to make it last longer and get your monies worth.  There are other products on the market but as I have not used them I cannot vouch for their effectiveness at this time.

Dragon’s Blood Incense

ImageDragon’s blood incense is made from the resin of Dracaena draco and Dracaena cinnabari.  Dragon’s blood has a very long history of being used to protect from negative energies.  It has also been used to add potency to ritual intentions, in particular to attract wealth and love.  I would usually use Dragon’s Blood Incense for everyday cleansing and protection rather than an heavy duty clean.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

ImageYou can obtain the singing bowls from both India and Tibet.  The use of sound to break up negative energy is not a new concept.  The old practice of drumming, shouting, toning, ringing bells are some examples.  The slightly more modern practice of “kettling” a new home and tying tin cans to the newly Wed’s car are also examples of using sound to cleanse spaces.  I primarily use a bowl from Tibet as it is made from at least 5 different metals.  As I demonstrated on the day the bowl can be struck or your can make it sing by applying the stick to the outer edge in a clockwise manner.  If you don’t like smoke or smell this is absolutely the number one best option.  The downside is their cost as they are sold by weight.  The upside is that you never have to buy them again.  Perhaps of all the methods of cleaning it needs a little bit of training, but certainly not difficult.

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